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Audiofreq - Audioception [Dirty Workz]

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Postby NEKA » 08 Dec 2013, 23:30

For me, Audioception is definitly the best hardstyle album I've heard so far.

There's everything for everyone and the best from the album is definitly it's catchyness. The tracks have some small details or bigger designs which you'll easily remember, and they just fill the track as whole. They way Sam created the album is just absolutely fantastic. The album has a lot of meaning, nostalgic feeling to it, really technical/complex yet easily acceptable and enjoyable sound design both trackwise and qualitywise, and the most:
it has catchyness and energy which always give you the feeling "oh boy this will be good!"

My ratings:

1. Audioception Part 1 (Prologue)
2. Audioception Part 2 (Exposition) 10/10
3. Escape (feat Teddy) 9/10
4. Desire 10/10 the climax in this just breaks shit up! (L)
5. Screwdriver (feat TNT) 7/10 it really builds up nicely, and is quite catchy, but TNT kinda overflows from this.

6. Chase (feat Teddy) 8/10
7. Drumz (feat DBSTF) 8/10 One of the best melodies this year, and the bigroom vibe from the drops is nice, but kinda repetitive after a while.
8. The Gospel 10/10 most original track of the year.
9. Speekaz Kikk (feat MC Shureshock) 6/10
10. GHYL (Intermission)

11. Mutate (feat Geck-E) 6/10 it's not bad, but not my favorite kind of style
12. Volition 10/10 my track of the year right here!! _O_
13. Time Machine 10/10 just as good as the upper one, I love the old-school flavored sound design yet with hardstyles newer elements!!
14. Outlaw (feat Kutski) 7/10
15. BRNFNK 5/10 only bad track of the album. If it would be longer then a lot better :(

16. Russian Sleep Experiment (feat High Voltage) 9/10 crazy stuff, only one more harder kick was missing and the "basic rawstyle melody" in the middle is useless.
17. Caged (feat Teddy) 8/10 Really nice, but Teddy is a little too overflowing in this one.
18. Trigger (feat MC I SEE) 8/10 The catchyness holy cow _O_
19. Prelude to the Future (Intermission)
20. Welcome to the Future 8/10 that kick is SICK!
21. Public Service Announcement (Epilogue)

So yeah: it's fucking amazing and my friends etc. who don't like hardstyle, LOVE this album! It's just so damn good and I love it even more!! _O_ _O_
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Postby Bluemind » 09 Dec 2013, 12:50

Preordered it on and it wasn't signed, were the signed copies Toff Music exclusive?
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Postby Greenkillah » 09 Dec 2013, 13:36

11/10, would listen again.

The first album where I actually like/love every single song, I can't describe it good enough to cover everything, just listen and enjoy (L)
I still would prefer a DnB drop in Trigger, though, the buildup to the drop gave me wrong expectations.
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Postby Neutronic » 09 Dec 2013, 13:47

I still would prefer a DnB drop in Trigger, though, the buildup to the drop gave me wrong expectations.

Idd, couldnt agree more! Sam, we need an edit! :fist:
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Postby diesal11 » 09 Dec 2013, 16:48

I guess i'll give it a rating....

1. Audioception Part 1 (Prologue) Awesome for an intro track!
2. Audioception Part 2 (Exposition) 5/10 Decent track, but don't get the hype over it...
3. Escape (feat Teddy) 6/10 I usually love these cheesy melody/vocal tracks but this isn't one for me. That outro screech is pretty awesome though!
4. Desire 9/10 One of my fav off the album, kick, melody, vocal are all brilliant (L)
5. Screwdriver (feat TNT) 8/10 HUGE buildup and Drop! Freaking love this! :D
6. Chase (feat Teddy) 9/10 climax is awesome, one of the best melody's i'I've heard in a while. Mid intro is just boring however.
7. Drumz (feat DBSTF) 8/10 Brilliant. Drop is a little boring after a few listens though...
8. The Gospel 9/10 Another one of my favs, such a brilliant and well executed idea! but dat screech!
9. Speekaz Kikk (feat MC Shureshock) 7/10 Mid intro awesome, climax not so much.....
10. GHYL (Intermission) 10/10 Not true 8-Bit, but it captures that vibe. Freaking love it! More 8-bit (and sam PLEEASE RELEASE A DJ VERSION OF THISSSSS)
11. Mutate (feat Geck-E) 9/10 FUCK ME! Brilliant, just the BRK3 type of stuff i've been waiting for!
12. Volition 10/10 That rhythm in the mid intro gets me EVERY.DAMN.TIME!
13. Time Machine 5/10 This may grow on me yet, but once again just not for me...
15. BRNFNK 7/10 kinda boring screech, buildup is solid though!
16. Russian Sleep Experiment (feat High Voltage) 7/10 Mid Intro and outro are solid, rest is a little too boring for me.
18. Trigger (Feat MC I See) 7/10 wayy to much like Knife Party for my tates, not for me unfortunately.
19. Prelude to the Future (Intermission) Awesome edit into the song!
20. Welcome to the Future 11/10 HAUSDGFSDKLJFASFJAS DAT.FUCKING.KICK!!!!! Definately my favorite song off the album.
21. Public Service Announcement (Epilogue)

All in all a good album, some of the kicks in the first quarter are a little avg for me still. But the rest of the album makes up for that.

Good work Sam!
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Postby sHizo » 09 Dec 2013, 21:59

fking love "Outlaw"..pure awesomeness! :O 10/10. :+
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Postby Neko » 10 Dec 2013, 11:35

For me, chase is the one for me here, (10/10 too :p ) although I have to say that this album is extremely good, even better than I expected!
You really hear and feel the work behind it, and that quality is over quantity (though he has a lot of track on this album). And btw, finally a real proper continuous mix for an album, supervett!
But don't like his dubstep & dnb things in it.
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Postby akachaostheory » 11 Sep 2015, 21:06

After almost two years I decided to buy this album WITHOUT listening to any of its tracks.
So, here's my review:

01. Audioception Part 1 (Prologue)
02. Audioception Part 2 (Exposition): 7/10
03. Escape (ft. Teddy): 5/10 - I'm totally in love with the vocals by Teddy, but I don't like the melody though.
04. Desire: 8/10 - Oh my gosh, THAT (mid-)intro :O The melody fits totally the track.
05. Screwdriver (ft. TNT): 7/10 - Nice melody (even if I think that I've heard it before? :?) Overall nice track.
06. Chase (ft. Teddy): 9/10 - One of my favourites on this album.
07. Drumz! (ft. D-Block & S-Te-Fan): 3/10 - I don't like this track at all...
08. The Gospel: 8/10 - Something different, but I like it!
09. Speekaz Kick (ft. MC Shureshock): 9/10 - Now, that TOTALLY fits my taste! (L)
10. GYHL (Intermission): 8/10 - Really nice tune, as I'm a big fan of the chiptune genre.
11. Mutate (ft. Geck-E): 6/10 - It was different to judge this track because I'm not a fan of this genre. Overall nice.
12. Volition: 10/10 - This melody's been in my head for over eight hours. Epic! (L)
13. Time Machine: 5/10 - Not bad, but not my taste.
14. Outlaw (ft. Kutski): 8/10 - This track gave me the outschool feeling back. Nice!
15. BRNFK: 3/10 - Sounds like a total mess to me...
16. Russian Sleep Experiment (ft. High Voltage): 10/10 - Perfect! (L) (And I'm not even a rawhead...)
17. Caged (ft. Teddy): 10/10 - I'm a DnB-Lover - that explains all. :P
18. Trigger (ft. MC I See): 10/10 - :fist: :fist: Nothing more to add.
19. Prelude To The Future (Intermission)
20. Welcome To The Future: 10/10 - My very favourite track on the album! (L) (L)
21. Public Service Announcement

Overall: 7.5/10.
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Postby DjVero » 14 Sep 2015, 00:12

05. Screwdriver (ft. TNT): 7/10 - Nice melody (even if I think that I've heard it before? :?) Overall nice track.

I dunno for how long you've been listening to Hardstyle, but the melody is from The Hose - Rockmania which was released in 2002/2003 or something ;)
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