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New song release from SinEater

Need feedback on your Hardcore track? Post it here

Postby SinEater » 02 Aug 2016, 02:27

So with my project SinEater I have played with various styles of music. This newest song I went in a more traditional direction. So please check it out and leave some feedback. ... -298229652
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Postby Meltdown » 25 Aug 2016, 18:54

first of alll hi man :)

Well this style remember me Embryonic style very low Hardcore with Heavy kick

In my opinion the first kick need more work cause this zone 100-300HZ is very loud and sweeping try to kill with EQ and maybe more filtering before distortion the kick can be more deeper :)

About synth you adding 0:59 they sound to much light in my opinion (louder is better and more impressive)
you can also try layering always give more powerfull result if you know what you doing with it :)

02:43 sound very anoying in my opinion need more mix-down and a powerfull kick and also the beat double kick is to much in my opinion

03:27 the kick is overpowered in my opinion and need to be more clean again this 100-300hz is sweeping as hell

global tips > do more variation beat and synth cause is to much the same :)

cool to hear somethings differend keep it up
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