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Omi - Mythology [The Third Movement]

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Postby Future Shokk » 07 Aug 2011, 16:28

Label: The Third Movement
Catalog Number: T3RDM 0179D
Release Date: 19-08-2011
Format: Digital
Source: ... tails.html

Omi is the newest member of the TTM family. He brings us a melancholic and hard sound on his debut EP. This release holds the tracks Mythology and Ana. Mythology brings a more underground vibe with ruff beats and dark atmosphere while Ana walks down a more melodic path. Both tracks already received great feedback from artists worldwide so you can be sure to hear these songs on a dancefloor near you.Let Omi blow your mind with this 2 track digital release and prove to you there is some hardcore talent out there!

01 Ana
02 Mythology


Very fresh newcomer stuff! :one:
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Future Shokk (34)
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Postby MarlboroMan » 07 Aug 2011, 22:41

Mythology is fucking great _O_
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MarlboroMan (27)
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Postby SCH » 07 Aug 2011, 23:10

Ana sucks and Mythology is quite awesome!
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Postby Dakpan » 08 Aug 2011, 19:06

Mythology lead reminds me of So Many Sacrifices
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Dakpan (27)
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Postby tha rippah » 13 Aug 2011, 12:32

Mythology is absolutely awesome and Ana pretty good. Great first commercial release from Omi. Yeah, I also noticed the similarities between the leads, but I love them so it doesn't bother me. It's just in the same style.
tha rippah (36)
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Postby Regain » 14 Aug 2011, 17:18

Mythology is awesome :fist: I can't waiting for this release!
Regain (24)
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Postby John Cove » 15 Aug 2011, 17:39

Mythology is sick!
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John Cove (30)
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Postby Chicomaster » 31 Aug 2011, 22:53

Pretty sick release from TTM, great tracks :)
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Postby hostage » 10 Sep 2011, 23:59

damn I really love Mythology :dance: great release for sure!
hostage (28)
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Postby DjPractice » 06 Nov 2011, 02:50

Ana has grown on me surprisingly - not a fan of the other one
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Postby tha rippah » 06 Nov 2011, 16:37

Still listening to Mythology very often. One of best kicks and tracks this year.
tha rippah (36)
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