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Snare topic (give feedback before posting yours)

Sound design and production in general

Postby typhonmusic » 01 Feb 2015, 22:20

Pretty self-explanatory, just think of the kick topic, but for snares. I guess this topic is mostly dedicated to crossbreed, since it's one of the few genres on this forum where a snare is almost as important as a kick.
I might use this snare in a crossbreed track:

EDIT: New snare:
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Postby sequence7 » 09 Feb 2015, 18:44

Good idea, i'm probably gonna post here later :)
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Postby Dj Reaper » 11 Feb 2015, 15:30

Good idea! I will probabely also contribute here as I want to go a lot deeper into snares, but I fear it will be pretty a desert topic as, as you said, few producers use them here or use rather basic sampled ones..
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