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Professional hardstyle vocals?

Sound design and production in general

Postby hsdjmatt » 03 Jan 2013, 09:37

I've been looking for professional hardstyle vocals, like maybe in Symbols (Frontliner), or maybe an Adrenalize track, where do they get them from? I know about the Nikkita vocals, but where do you get other ones from?

Not those ones exactly but something similar
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Postby KFKiller » 03 Jan 2013, 09:54

Hardstyle vocals do no exsist, basically an artist commisions a vocalist to do vocals for them.
Some do the vocals themselves like headhunterz though. I would suggest buying a decent mic, a decent pre amp and do it yourself.
A good mic you can keep for years. a vocalist wants paying every time.
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Postby D-Verze » 03 Jan 2013, 11:48

Search for them in movies, use acapellas, search for vocalpacks :)
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Postby hsdjmatt » 03 Jan 2013, 12:31

Oh ok thanks, I'll look for some vocal packs, and maybe get a mic sometime in the future :)
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Postby ticky » 03 Jan 2013, 14:11

I've used the Nutty Trance Hardstyle vocals pack there is some good ones in there
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Postby Haz » 03 Jan 2013, 14:51 has some good vocalists that will sing/say a few lines for like $5. The vocals i used in my latest track were from a person on fiverr :) Double check with them that they're alright with their vocals being used in a song first though.

Vocals can be heared here if anyone wants:
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Postby zanshi » 03 Jan 2013, 17:12

loopmasters. and use the search function next time.
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Postby M Unic » 03 Jan 2013, 18:09

I suggest to save a bit of money for a decent microphone. i did this to and its tons of fun trying come up with good lyrics and also to totally change your voice. even if your stock voice doesn't sound that good for creating vocals. the editing can sure help to change it to something cool ! ;)
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Postby MRK » 03 Jan 2013, 18:20

If you want to buy cheap but good microphon I would suggest you MXL 990 :)
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