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Piano roll playing all 3 plugin channels

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Postby Wavelength » 18 Mar 2018, 20:09

Dont know why this is happening but as I am creating and moulding leads I've opened the piano roll for the 3rd Sylenth plugin I have in the channel rack and its playing all the patterns when I just want to make and alter the one.

Patterns from the other sylenths will appear dark in the background and play when I am pressing the play pattern button.

Please help :)
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Postby Qobalt » 21 Mar 2018, 18:24

Mainly two things are possible:
1) All of your sylenths are in the same pattern
2) They are in different patterns, but you play your entire playlist

In case of 1)
- you should make 3 patterns with 1 piano roll in each, not 3 piano rolls in 1 pattern. TO simply switch to a new pattern, you should mouse over the pattern name, which appears right over the list of current pattern's instruments, and use mousewheel to switch back and forth.
- if you ofc want to keep 3 Sylenths in one pattern, there are small green indicators on the left of each instrument in the pattern, which allows to mute/unmute that particular instrument.

To fix 2) you should change the play mode from playlist to pattern, using the button with curved arrow on the left of Play button.
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