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Worst vocals ever


Postby dolanpls » 17 Aug 2016, 00:00

Every Nikkita vocal
Every Nolz vocal
Lose my mind
Every dv8 track with dutch vocals (don't just like them, nothing wrong with the language itself)
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Postby NICK9656 » 17 Aug 2016, 02:19

Year Of Summer, I hate that track so much (especially the vocals)...
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 17 Aug 2016, 04:15

About every new Zatox track especially from his last album.
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Postby Vicious » 20 Aug 2016, 08:56

massive tunes except for the vocals
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Postby Nesp » 23 Aug 2016, 10:24

I think Stephanie's new track takes that award.
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Postby PNXRMX » 23 Aug 2016, 12:48

general-hardstyle-discussions-f4/searching-for-hardstyle-tracks-with-booze-drugs-titles-lyrics-t39717.html :P

dafuq:Digital Punk & Frequencerz ft. MC Nolz - We Don't Give A Fuck

"drugs, alcohol, party like an animal" :rofl:

This track is a comedy goldmine

dylannn:"Some people don't understand us you know, dis way of living...always pointing der fingers liek we are different from everyone else...dis is who I am"

And several other tracks with similar poorly spoken English vocals (which, being spoken, are also trying to be deep and profound when they're just not)...absolutely ruins the tracks for me, seriously awful

This x1000. It's so painful to listen to on so many levels :(
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Postby LiamStarkk » 23 Aug 2016, 17:13

Radical Redemption - Injustice and pain
Dance For Your Pleasure

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Postby Maximumraver » 24 Aug 2016, 01:44

Most Showtek tracks.
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 24 Aug 2016, 03:14

Maximumraver:Most Showtek tracks.

You fuckin' clown :+
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Postby Eceerg » 24 Aug 2016, 12:59

Coone & Zatox - F.T.F.M.F. got the gold for me this year. So embarrasing.

I really don't like Brennan Heart with FIFO over the years now. Everything with this vocalist is bullshit to me.
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Postby SCH » 25 Aug 2016, 22:35

Zatox Decibel Anthem
Bleeding for the...

Those two IMO. Now I have a Stephanie track to check out it seems.
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Postby kraczk » 26 Aug 2016, 00:51

SCH:Those two IMO. Now I have a Stephanie track to check out it seems.

Don't hurt yourself that way bruh
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Postby D-Jess » 28 Aug 2016, 11:21

Radical Redemption - The Black Demon

Such refined lyrics ... :rofl:
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Postby adamross » 28 Aug 2016, 12:37

I think no one can top the sweaty baws.....
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Postby d2kx » 28 Aug 2016, 16:08

Steve Aoki & Coone - Can't Stop The Swag

Just jokin', the track is amazing haha
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