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Which tracks deserve a 2020 update?


Postby Emre » 14 Aug 2020, 20:51

More and more artists are giving their old tracks a modern update so it fits better in their current sets. So I was wondering. Which tracks, in your opinion, would sound really good in a '2020 coat'? Anything is possible. A certain track remixed by another artist, a 2020 update by the artist itself (like Devin Wild who is currently updating his older tracks or Ran-D updating LFTM), you name it.
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Postby M3dia » 14 Aug 2020, 21:03

I love Noisecontrollers - Venom (Wildstylez Remix) to death but I'm curious what it would sound in a nowadays coat :one:
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Postby Payne » 14 Aug 2020, 22:22

I'd be interested in some technical updates of:
Brennan Heart - Rush The Rmx (a proper climax would be nice)
Zany - Pure (kick update)
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Postby SarahKerrigan » 14 Aug 2020, 23:58

I'd love a Blame it on the Music remake, nowadays P1 sounds are fire :dance:
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Postby Shodan » 15 Aug 2020, 01:48

Mad-E-Fact - The Hustle, maybe even remixed by N-Vitral or Tha Playah again
Technoboy - Rage with their current sound design
Sub Zero Project - Eternal
Angerfist - Knock Knock
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Postby ZanitianDJ » 15 Aug 2020, 15:02

I would like to hear a 2020 version of Da Tweekaz - Break The Spell, Atmozfears - Up Top and DBSTF - Rockin Ur Mind :D

I wonder how they'll sound...
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Postby lilfrenchidiot » 15 Aug 2020, 17:34

Zatox - Andromeda
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Postby ceero » 15 Aug 2020, 17:47

Majority of oldies are good ad they are and im not a huge fan of classic remixes tbh, but i would kill to hear DBSTF - Shallow Planet (own 2020 remake) _O_
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Postby spitles » 16 Aug 2020, 07:47

dunno, there are like 30 years of back catalog, i think my list would be too long, so i'm not going to start it :+ - but then, next to artists doing 2k20 coats of some of their (first) tracks, it could make a lot of remix contests, opportunities for new artists to get some visibility, eventual releases, etc...

random pickingz :
- alpha twins - sick mf
- psyko munkz - bassboom
- n3ck / decepticon - ultraviolence
- hardcore brothers - my shit is raw
- beholder / max enforcer - got to be there
- zatox - mofoklub :+
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Postby Digital Shifter » 16 Aug 2020, 09:47

You're idea @Emre of Haunter of the Dark is good. Would really love to see a sick remix or update on that one. But not changing too much of the classic.

This is my list:
Headhunterz - A New Day
Brennan Heart - Till U Believe It
Wildstylez - Complex Situation (only kick edit and better synth* in the climax)
Arkaine - Fear No More
Wildstylez - Push That Feeling (not changing too much though)
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 17 Aug 2020, 10:41

The Prophet ft. Headhunterz - High Rollerz remixed by Keltek as Scary Ur Face.
Scantraxx Rootz would also be great to hear in the current Headhunterz style or hearing Frontliner have a go at it.
D-Block & S-te-Fan ft. MC Villain - Evolutionz can also use a modern refresh but NOT done by the modern DBSTF.
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Postby ThePrincipal » 17 Aug 2020, 11:12

nothing comes to mind - I like the unexpected ideas that occur here and there (whether they are good or not) :)
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Postby SKRWD » 19 Aug 2020, 09:46

Frequencerz - Indecent or L.O.V.E.. I absolutely adore the melodies and would love to hear an update on those
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Postby th3r3zo » 19 Aug 2020, 21:39

Frequencerz: Love/The Music Makes Me Do It/Man Created Death

Shockerz: My Story/Spiritual Abyss/Just The Moment

Wildstylez - Alleen
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Postby spitles » 22 Aug 2020, 00:08

dbstf fanclubberz, imagine a "2k20 coat" of this :

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