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Raveconnect - An alliance that fights for the rights of the worldwide events who unite in the harder styles [Defqon 1]


Postby Raveconnect » 09 Jun 2019, 15:46


I was the person who created the petition to bring back Defqon 1 Australia. It was postponed indefinitely due to issues with the 'event centre'. It has almost 6,000 signatures and counting. Responses from Australia and beyond, reaching major headlining artists to sign and fight for our rights. I conducted multiple interviews from local news sources and am still awaiting for those articles to be released. It caused an uproar in the Hardstyle Music Appreciation Society facebook page (44,000+ active members).

Petition: ... australia/


I then decided to create Raveconnect. An alliance that fights for the rights of the worldwide events who unite in the harder styles. It has been shared by some great dj's and artists, and I truly believe if we all come together as one and unite, we can do so much. Defend and tackle the stigma of festivals around the world, fight for what we all love.

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I hope you can all get by me and join to create a brand that can truly change the way our scene is viewed on a global scale. As we all unite as one.
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Postby Amperial » 29 Jun 2019, 09:45

Are there also plans on how to solve the partly correct arguments of the opponents?

Like drug problems and such?

Thumbs up for your petition!

I think more people should unite as one. What a bummer to see this one without any reply.
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