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Q-Dance Top 100 Hardstyle 2020


Postby ffos » 08 Dec 2020, 22:51

Here are my votes:
To The Stars - Horyzon
Bass & Acid - Zatox
Change The World - Zatox
Mindcontroller 2k20 - TNT, Ruffneck
All Alone - JDX
Stereo Love ( Wildstylez Remix) - Edward Maya, Vika Jigulina, Wildstylez
Lazerbeams - The Machine, Alphaverb
Music Of The Mind (The Machine Remix) - Envine, The Machine
Harder State Of Mind - D-Block & S-te-Fan, DJ Isaac
Above Heaven - B-Front, Adrenalize
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Postby Juliaaan » 08 Dec 2020, 23:11

These are mine:
B-Front & Adrenalize - Above Heaven
Radical Redemption - Stronger & Better
Devin WIld - Shapeshifting
Phuture Noize & B-Front - My Beatiful Fantasy
Headhunterz & JDX - Transcendence
Phuture Noize - I Am A Fighter
Frequencerz - Miami Vice
Clockartz - Phantom of the Opera
Keltek - Awaken
Audiotricz & Bass Modulators - Thriller
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Postby spitles » 09 Dec 2020, 02:36

alomarinio:Q-Dance selector didn't let me put some of them in the list so I needed to change it. This is my list based on the tracks that I could select from the selector

Ye as usual the q-dance top list lacks of many tunes. No Kings Never Die. No The Grind. No F*ck Yeah. No Fck 2020. No Winning Is Done. No Starman. No Won't Remember Me. No etc... To me it doesn't matter, but I'm pretty sure that some people really wanted to vote for the tracks of some specific artists/djs, and they can't. Or maybe they did send emails to add the tracks. No idea.

Btw :
The results of the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100 will be revealed on December 31st during a brand-new show

Do you have some expectations/hopes for the "brand-new show" ?
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Postby Segugio » 09 Dec 2020, 02:36

I didn't find it to be a very good year, but it is what it is.

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Postby GamerZoneUSA » 09 Dec 2020, 09:37

No particular order
1. Sub Zero Project - Rave Into Space
2. Atmozfears - Home
3. Headhunterz & JDX - Transendence
4. Headhunterz - The Hunter and The Prey
5. Phuture Noize - You Could Be My Hero
5. Ghost Stories - Lake of Fire
6. Wildstylez - Deeper Than the Ocean
7. Devin Wild - Shapeshifting
8. Blademasterz - Katana
9. Aria - Retrofuterism
10. Demi Kanon - Undercover
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Postby rupertbayern » 09 Dec 2020, 09:50

In no particular order

Ghost Stories - Lake of Fire (I hope this one gets #1 as it is without a doubt the best DBST track ever made)
Voidax - Time and Space
Udex & Regain - Before it Kills us (Udex's album was the best album of the year without a doubt)
Keltek & B-Front - Step into the Game (Intents 2020 Anthem) (perfect track for a cancelled festival)

Insane Synth tracks:
Degos & Re-Done - Far Away (massively underrated tune and yes I see that's it is I am lost 2.0)
Degos & Re-Done - Take me back (^)
B-Front & Myst - Power of Dreams (underrated, weird release policy made it fly under the radar)

Phuture Noize - Masquerade (sadly the only PN track i found really good on the new album and it's still worse than most BMS/PoT tracks)
SZP - Rave into Space (just love SZP kicks and sounddesign)
SZP - Silence of my Sins

Honorable mentions I couldnt fit
Udex - It's Real
Udex - Tomorrow
Udex - End of the Road
Voidax - Into the Abyss
Voidax & Dawnfire - Madness
SZP - Enter the Realm
HHZ - Dragonborn 3
B-Front & Adrenalize - Above Heaven
Phuture Noize & B-Front - My Beautiful Fantasy
Radical Redemption - D.A.D. without vocals, let's hope he releases an instumental version

Generally speaking there were highlights this year but 2020 was definitely worse than 2019/18/17. I hope the "golden age" isn't over and expect tons of new music when Corona finally ends. Most artists probably have a very big backlog by now.
It is kinda interesting that without the lack of festivals I have no idea how the top 10 will look like. The top 10 was very easily predictable the last few years because you noticed to which tracks the crowd reacted. The top 10 tracks were the tracks which gained the most traction. Even though Coone, BH and Da Tweekaz have lot's of spotify streams they (deservedly) didn't reach high places in the top 100.

The only tracks I am 100% sure which will end up in the top 10 are Silence and Dragonborn 3. I have no idea where the Ran-D tracks will end up for example. Living for the moment might be top 10 or around #30. In any normal year Lake of Fire would be very high but I dont know cause there were barely any festivals and it "only" has 600k views. Also no Defqon.1 endshow boost this year.

I hope Voidax & Udex get a few tracks in the top 100 but with the exception of Before it Kills us I'm doubtful as the amount of tracks they released will definitely split the vote.
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Postby bAsher » 09 Dec 2020, 13:25

01. Riot Shift - Machinery
02. Bloodlust ft. Carola - The Light
03. Gunz For Hire - Every Breaking Wave
04. Rebelion - Lockdown (Riot Shift Remix)
05. DEEZL - Daemons
06. Luminite & Uncaged - Fight Another Day
07. Matzic - Discipline
08. E-Force - Judgement Day
09. Mutilator - Onslaught
10. Cryex - Never Be Alone

hope some Riot Shift tracks gets in top100 at least
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Postby Gommes_ » 10 Dec 2020, 17:02

I will also include free releases. So that's my list in no particular order besides #1!

1. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Primal Energy
2. Headhunterz - Dragonborn Part 2
3. Aftershock - Party Like A Rockstar
4. Stereo Faces - Rather Be
5. Stormerz - Can't Breathe
6. Audiofreq - Supernova (actually it's the whole EP)
7. Rebelion - Bassline Junkie
8. Illenium - Paper Thin (Headhunterz Remix)
9. Nick Novity - Rapture
10 - Unsenses & Nino Lucarelli - Take Me Higher

Since I generally also check out other hard dance genres I just have to mention Nosferatus Sanctity Of Space III The Nebula. Hardcore track of the year!
I hear home in that bass
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Postby The Convicted » 13 Dec 2020, 11:16

Goddammit, the way of searching for tracks in the list is not really convenient :rofl: In no particular order:


Weird thing is how not all the D-Verze album tracks are present :/ And also that you can vote for Bass & Acid while it's much more techno :+
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Postby PiozMioz » 13 Dec 2020, 15:49

Bad year for festivals but another great year for hardstyle.
Pretty difficult to choose 10 out of a bunch of great tracks this year.
So I just picked the ones which didnt get boring to me trough the year.

D-Sturb - World out there
D-Charged - Lullaby
Rebelion - Never back down
D-Sturb (ft. Sound Rush) - Embracing the Madness
E-Force - Judgement Day
Synthsoldier - Ascension
Phuture Noize - A Fantastic Vibration
E-Force, Deadly Guns, Carola, MC Livid - Inflict the pain
E-Force, Carola - Move on
Keltek - Awaken

I dont have an real order anyway.
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Postby GerHSUploadz » 19 Dec 2020, 16:29

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Postby Tomix » 19 Dec 2020, 18:37

Not so outstanding year in terms of good music imo. I had a way shorter list to narrow down compared to previous years. Hope for a better 2021

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Postby spitles » 23 Dec 2020, 16:03

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Postby bAsher » 23 Dec 2020, 16:05

hope it will be actually mixed set like used to to in the past and not like q-dance top40 nowadays with stop and play with random talking between the tracks
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Postby spitles » 27 Dec 2020, 17:13

Prepare to go out with a bang during the QONNECT New Year’s Eve Special. This Thursday, we present you ten hours of hardstyle madness including the reveal of the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100 and sets by the biggest artists during the New Year’s Rave. The line-up will be revealed soon, stay tuned.

We’re kicking the night off with the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100. Together with E-Life & Audiofreq, we’ll reveal the 100 best tracks of 2020 in style during a show that includes unique Q-dance giveaways, artist interviews and more. The Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100 concludes traditionally with the Top 10, followed by the new year countdown and celebration.

Once we’ve entered 2021, it’s time to go all out during the New Year’s Rave together with a massive selection of artists. Of course, the Q-dance Zoom Room will be open all night, so make sure to take things to the next level at home.

See you at the QONNECT New Year’s Eve Special this Thursday at

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