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Harderstate User Music Channels


Postby Busho » 29 Nov 2010, 02:20

I have had a look through the various sections I thought I would find this topic but no luck

If you guys are on Soundcloud etc get the links on here :)

Digitally Infected:


As I am new here I will also add my other networks here too



Busho Fanpage:

Busho Grouppage: ... ref=search

Digitally Infected:

Digitally Infected Fanpage: ... 828?ref=ts


Bushy x
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Postby nuttyt » 29 Nov 2010, 02:49

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Postby Shrapnel » 06 Dec 2010, 17:44 :D
hey, delete, stop stealin my cities! :D bloody astralians ;)
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Postby Delete » 14 Dec 2010, 23:16

Shrapnel: :D
hey, delete, stop stealin my cities! :D bloody astralians ;)

:p :+
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Postby Defiant » 15 Dec 2010, 10:34

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Postby Kodex » 15 Dec 2010, 22:11

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Postby R3cl41m3r » 24 Dec 2012, 07:25
Shrapnel:hey, delete, stop stealin my cities! :D bloody astralians ;)

We come up with our own names sometimes, and they sound funny as hell. :+
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Postby dhamiri_k » 04 Feb 2016, 01:17

Hi I'm Dhamiri-K ;D
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Postby Starkast » 04 Feb 2016, 10:51

Nowdays im making loads of different Music tho, so i might be softerstate
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