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Postby Reverse Ghost » 26 Sep 2021, 02:19

ThePrincipal:to answer Sarah's question, probably about 7 years ago

Should just say SHOWCASE instead of LIVE

LIVE is surely something with a computer or a drum pad you push on, not just leaving one channel up on a mixer

I hate how this is still a discussion :(

AVIO and Noize Suppressor were the kings of truly live performances imo
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Postby ThePrincipal » 27 Sep 2021, 12:24

they sure were bro ^^ <3

Ps - put up some more of my podcasts in the topic here :)

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Postby Myzyry » 01 Oct 2021, 04:48

SarahKerrigan:When did (LIVE) become the most obvious pre-recorded shit ever? I remember seeing Angerfist (back when Crypsis was apart) having (LIVE) and they were actually using all kinds of shit to actually make things amazing. Now it's pre-recorded with live-acting I guess, maybe that's where it's from. Fuck me shits lame!

Live acts often have fully prerecorded visuals so I guess it's easier to prerecord the set too to be sure to match them. Basically now it's a full package experience and DJs aren't taking risks.

This. ;)

Like when you find out Santa Claus ain't real.

Also, Ophidian is impressive to see live!
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Postby striker159 » 06 Oct 2021, 08:53

Does somebody know what happened to the stream?
There seem to be network errors for few days now. Did they quit again?
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Postby Delacour_Music » 13 Oct 2021, 09:39

Just found out that Roughstate became a Q sublabel a few months ago :O

If you wanna read more about it I made a post on Reddit:

but this info explains a lot of things (including maybe why Ran-D made the anthem for Qlimax :? )
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Postby VTraxx » 14 Oct 2021, 00:03

Global Hard Battle will return this year ;-)

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