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Your Favourite Hardcore Tunes


Postby Double-T » 09 Sep 2010, 00:32

Hey guys, since I think we are pretty much in here who also like Hardcore, I thought I'd create a topic where you can share with us your favourite hardcore tunes :)

Here are mine :
Evil Activities - Nobody Said It Was Easy
Kasparov - Part Of The Project
Endymion - Abduction
Korsakoff - My Empty Bottled

And More Recently :
Evil Activities - Evil Inside
Roland & Sherman - Somwhere Down The Lane
Tha Playah vs. Nosferatu - Requiem Of The Fallen
Endymion vs. Art Of Fighters - A New Today
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Postby Qwertz » 09 Sep 2010, 00:47

nobody said it was easy is the most annoying hardcore tune ever !
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Postby MarlboroMan » 09 Sep 2010, 00:57

Meagashira & Endymion - Who I Am
Kasparov - We Will Dominate
Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (Ophidian Remix)
Roland & Sherman - Jonge Edammer
The Playah - Why So Serious
Promo - Nightfall
Some Angerfist stuff (Brothers Keepers, No Fucking Soul, In A Million Years etc.)
These track come in my mind.

I'm not deep into Hardcore to say which are my favourite artists, but I think the Enzyme Crew and The Third Movement Crew deliver awesome tunes nowadays. Neophyte Records has some awesome tracks too, but their latest stuff (The Playah Album excluded) especially Evil Activities sucks.
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Postby Lop-Sided » 09 Sep 2010, 04:08

I dont really listen to hardcore that much.
However, I am starting to get more into it as time passes by.
I don't really know too many songs, but usually I like things that come from Neophyte Records.
Tha Playah is probably one of my favorite Hardcore producers.

Out of the songs that I know of though, these are my favorites:

Tommyknocker vs Sunbeam - Twisted World (The Viper's Mashup Mix)
Korsakoff - Daydream
Tha Playah - Walking the Line
Tha Playah - Why So Serious?
Evil Activities - Evil Inside

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Postby Daisuke » 09 Sep 2010, 09:33

Korsakoff - Daydream
Mike NRG - Lost in Dreams (Q-Base Anthem 2010) (Masters of Ceremony Remix)
Unnatural Selection & Cik - Day of Judgement (Ophidians Mainstage Mix)
DJ D vs Nitrogenetics - Melodic Art
Re-Style - Asskicked
Ophidian & Ruffneck - So Many Sacrifices

and many many more^^
hardcore fan till i die =D
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Postby Phil inFamous » 09 Sep 2010, 10:11

3 Steps Ahead - Drop It (Tommyknocker & Stunned Guys Remix)
insane moment at mysteryland 2008 when prophet played a dedication to peter paul pigmans dead for about 5 years at the moment

quiet nice also endymion - abduction

but my fav Alessandro at Syndicate last year - on your knees, starts at 1:50 :)
craziest DJ :fist:
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Postby MindFuture » 09 Sep 2010, 11:01

The Stunned Guys vs. Tommyknocker - Your Choice
Tommyknocker - Demolution
Dione - Supercrazy :whoop:
Alienator - Causin' panic

and much more
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Postby Leo_90 » 09 Sep 2010, 14:36

Art Of Fighters Vs Endymion - Let's Get It On (L)
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Postby Qwertz » 09 Sep 2010, 15:02

d-passion - knocking walls is my fav hc tune atm ! some heavy shizzle :fist:
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Postby fops » 09 Sep 2010, 15:13

Angerfist - Yes (Znooptokkiedrokz Refix)
Angerfist & Tieum - Shitty Rave Track
Synapse - D.M.T _O_
Meccano Twins & Mad Dog - Meccane
Negative A - Koksoccer Fuck You
DJ Mad Dog - The Flow

love hc :D!!!
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Postby VOL-E » 09 Sep 2010, 15:36

Endymion - Art
Evil Activities - Vengeance
Endymion & Nosferatu - Act Of God ( Break Neck Mix )
Evil Activities - No Place To Hide
Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power ( The Stunned Guys Remix )
The Stunned Guys - Hymn ( DJ Neophyte Remix )
Art Of Fighters - Artwork ( Tha Playah Remix )
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Postby Raw Output » 13 Sep 2010, 11:33

Ophidian - Predator & Prey
Ophidian - Angel
Nosferatu - When Angels Cry
Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (Ophidian Remix)
Tha Playah - My Misery
Ophidian & Ruffneck - So Many Sacrifices
Ophidian - Strichnine
DJ Mad Dog And MC Justice - PayBack Time
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Postby Johnny250 » 13 Sep 2010, 15:34

there ar too much tracks but here some of my favourite artists:
Art of Fighters
Tha Playah
some favourite tracks of the moment: Dj D - Cold as Ice (Tha Playah Remix), D-Passion - Knocking walls down
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Postby ceero » 13 Sep 2010, 15:56

Dont have much of them, but at least some :
Neophyte - Skullfuck
Unexist - Line Got Crossed / pretty much any Unexist track
Meccano Twins - Pure Intentions
Angerfist - The World Will Shiver (T-Junction & Rudeboy Remix)
Angerfist - Cannibal
The Viper - Blow da club down
Catscan - Creative Counter
Dione - Pain Till I Die
Phobos - The Moon / Spirit Crusher
Dr. Macabre - Poltergeist
Menace 2 Society - Chronic disorder
G Shock - Deamons (Promo Mix)
Ophidian & Hamunaptra - Whisper Of A Nameless Fear
Promo - Dont Be Fucking With My Shit
Tieum & Dr.Macabre - Hatefull
Mad Dog - Welcome down

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Postby Qwertz » 13 Sep 2010, 16:11

i love all that meccano twins ( alias of aof ) stuff, their style is just awsome, good crossover between mainstream and industrial ! i kinda miss new tracks from them at the moment, but i read a new guy joined so i got high hopes for some new stuff !
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