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Who/what tracks got you into hardcore?


Postby NEKA » 16 Oct 2012, 16:10

This would be an interesting topic, it would be cool to hear what tracks or which artist(s) got you into hardcore genre?

I can start.
Back in 2005-2006, I got into hardcore through a rhythm game Beatmania IIDX, where they had tracks which were called "nu-style gabba" and I loved those kind of tracks the most. There was one artist, teranoid, who finally got me in. The game had so wonderful gabber tracks like "gigadelic", "tripping contact", "The Deep Striker", "Vanishing Point" etc. and they still are one of my favorites.

After a while, I discovered J-Core, or J-Gabber, where I found many of my favorite artists to date, especially RoughSketch. After that, I bought teranoid's CD's and J-Core compilations and artist albums, and at around 2008, I opened my mind to western hardcore more. First I didn't like it, as it was too hard and too simple and kicks sounded bad, but Amnesys fully dragged me in, with tracks like "I Justified" "Raw Generation" and "Mainstream Nitro". Finally I bought MOH compilations from 27 to 30 and then I became a full Angerfist fan, got interested in Dominator and the compilations, found MOH and Negative Audio, went through Traxtorm's newest released, bought Mad Dog's and Angerfist's album and....

The end result is this right here :naughty: over 30 CD's from many labels, many compilations of and some artist albums which are in glass panels on my wall with text "When I found these, I found myself"

Your turn :+
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Postby Maximumraver » 16 Oct 2012, 16:32

I heard: DJ Adrien - No Competition and was instantly hooked :)
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Postby Xenon96 » 16 Oct 2012, 16:54

I first found out hardstyle, so hardcore came by searching for it. The first track I heard was Angerfist - Take U back, or Mafia, I can't really remember :? Anyway, there was a difference of a few minutes :+
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Postby xeLL » 16 Oct 2012, 17:09

Mainly Amnesys and Tha Playah tracks 2 years ago. Refly was the first hardcore track that I really liked.
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Postby MarlboroMan » 16 Oct 2012, 18:13

2005-2006 as well, Neophyte - Braincracking on the Soundtrack of A Gamers Day. :)
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Postby Prozel » 16 Oct 2012, 18:21

I friend showed me Driven By Fear which I thought and still does is amazing! A year later I decided to give the new Dominator anthem a listen and it also rocked big time!

Fast forward to this years anthem which was really bad compared to the other I decided to look at others artist. Since Ophidian was quite popular here I looked him up on Spotify and damn... SCORE! :D

The rest is history. I absolutely love the dark and hard sound, but cheesy track like No More is also something I enjoy. I love me some Happy Hardcore too once awhile! :)
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Postby Laksen » 16 Oct 2012, 18:45

I'm very new in the hardcore genre, started aroung 2010-2011 when I got curious because suddenly (well not suddenly) there was something called Hardest at and a hardcore top 40 & 100 :)
I decided to check it out starting with the top 40 and found a Mad Dog track (Bassdrum Bitch) and then = (L)
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Postby SCH » 16 Oct 2012, 19:41

Fist heard Nosferatu & Endymion - Stay FOcused in 2004, had no idea what this awesomeness was until 2007 when I started listening to hardstyle, and a year later I fell in love with Hardtechno and Hardcore.. A Year later I found Enzyme X - Rauwkost and a year later TOA - Hell´s Basement which got me into the industrial and crossbreed sides of Hardcore as well.
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Postby Future Shokk » 16 Oct 2012, 21:12

Back in 2002/2003 i was exploring the harder EDM genres like Hardtrance & Hardstyle. But after a while i already got bored of it. In 2004 (still in search for harder EDM) i've occasionally heard some HC played on Sunshine live (famous german radio station for EDM) and i immediately felt in love with it (L). My first track ever was Randy - Damen und Herren ^^

Harder DnB & Industrial i discoverd both around 2006 :)
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Postby mightychir » 16 Oct 2012, 21:26

I guess you could say I started in around late 2010 or early 2011. I was bored one day and read the comments on a hardstyle (I was mainly into that and have been since late 2009) YouTube video and I saw mention Hardcore music. I was intrigued on the comment said it was harder and faster.

For a reason I don't entirely recall, Tha Playah - Fuck the Fame was probably the first track I ever heard it got me hooked. :) I soon after heard listened to more of Tha Playah and then decided to move onto other artists and thats how it started :P
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Postby Johnny250 » 21 Oct 2012, 17:56

MarlboroMan:2005-2006 as well, Neophyte - Braincracking on the Soundtrack of A Gamers Day. :)

lol almost same story here :D
Well I was always hooked up by edm and listened alot to classic trance & dance back then but I knewed that there is some genre i didn't know how it's called.
In 2003 I listened to a CD from a friends older sister which contained 'Dj Promo - Dancefloor Hardcore' and yeah it blewed me away, there where also sometimes harcore shows @ sunshine live, without knowing how this genre is called though.
I didn't had internet and couldn't find those music at local shops.

From 2003 - 2005 I was more focused on german gangsta rap :+ .

In 2006 I got internet and after watching a gamers day It was easy to find the music I love.
In the end of 2009 I discovered (or started liking) Industrial Hardcore, followed by Crossbreed. I also always liked DnB, but the tracks where so different, I liked some but disliked others ... with knowing Crossbreed it was easy to find out that Darkstep was that direction of DnB I love.
GHF also helped me alot because the people there are more focused to the harder edge of hardcore, which made me forcing myself listening to it till I loved it haha. The downside is that I can't enjoy Hardstyle at party's anymore, also most mainstream hardcore can't really satisfy me at partys.

My newest trend is (dark/pumping) Techno at partys, it's still original and underground, you have more mature people there and it really satisfies me on the dancefloor _O_
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Postby Aftershoq » 21 Oct 2012, 20:59

1997 or something. Got my first thunderdome album back then, i was 7 years old at that time.
Paul elstak, rob gee and lenny dee tracks really got me into hardcore. Never stopped listening to it since then. :)

My parents tought i was crazy listening to such music but they respected it and kept on buying those albums for me.
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Postby tha rippah » 21 Oct 2012, 22:24

When I saw the commercial of Thunderdome 2 on MTV. I think it was the year 1993 :D
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Postby Laksen » 21 Oct 2012, 22:40

tha rippah:When I saw the commercial of Thunderdome 2 on MTV. I think it was the year 1993 :D

Wow..! I wasn't even born at that time.. And you're still into hardcore! That's cool :p
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 21 Oct 2012, 22:46

SCH:Fist heard Nosferatu & Endymion - Stay FOcused in 2004

_O_ Dude, same track for me! Though Limewire labelled it as "DHT - Hardcore" and I didn't know the title till I saw the Enzyme Injection albums on Discogs a year ago XD Still a golden track _O_
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