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Your favorite "RAW-Hs" song??

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Postby sHizo » 07 Feb 2013, 22:27

Says it all! feel free to name more than one! :lol:
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Postby MarlboroMan » 07 Feb 2013, 22:37

The Machine - Renaissance
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Postby TobiasKarlsson » 07 Feb 2013, 22:45

jack Of sound - This kinda music

B-front - Mysterias

B-freqs - Delusion

Frequencerz & JoS - STFU
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Postby greatART » 07 Feb 2013, 22:50

mhh that are alot of tracks :D ;)
Here are just a few :
Delete - Syndrome
Sasha F - Hardstyle Matters (Delete Remix) (still unreleased :( )
Vazard - Who I Really Am
Vazard & Delete - Let's Get Weird / Exist
Delete - Formula
Digital Abuse - WTF
Sasha F - Artificial Reality
Nutty T vs Sasha F - Bad Dreams ( unreleased)
Catatonic Overload & Deetox - State Of Mind
Low-E vs Alter Egosz - W.T.F
Deetox - Black Magic
The Beholder & Max Enforcer - Be Amazed
The-R3bels - Temptation (and Pattern 2)
Zatox - I Love Hardstyle
Dynamics - Payback
Dj Thera - Stash
Zany Meets The Beholder - Do You Want Heavy
Zany Meets The Beholder - Annihilating
Wavolizer & Geck-o - Dat Tape
Degos & Re-Done - Forsaken
The Machine - Place Of Terror (Crypsis Remix)
The Machine - Explorers Of The Mind
Alphaverb - Stimulate Your Curiosity
Phrantic - Spells
Chris One & The Machine - Different Kind Of Therapy
Prefix & Density - Personality
Degos & Re-Done - Dancing
Radical Redemption & Chain Reaction - Rulers (unreleased too)
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Postby Shadow Interaction » 07 Feb 2013, 22:58

mine's a pretty big list... but i'll pick out a few:

Cold Case - Frozen In Fear
Vazard - Who I Really Am
Genox - Diabolical Experiments
Luna & E-Force - Shade Of The Night
Wavolizer ft Yuna-X - Retaliation
Phrantic - Spells
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Postby ChristianHardstyle » 07 Feb 2013, 22:59

The Machine - State Of Your Mind
Phrantic - Overdose
Hard Driver & B-Front - State Of Perfection
and many more..
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Postby il tonny » 07 Feb 2013, 23:25

The Beholder meets Zany - Fear Reigns Today /Who Wants This
Zany - Symphonic Feedback
The Pitcher - Burn it
Donkey Rollers - Overcome/Justice 4 All/Immeasurably/Silver Bullet/We Are 1/Voice Of Conscience/
B-Front - Virus/Mysterias/Face The Truth/Charger ‎(ft Slim Shore)/Magic(ft Frontliner)/
Digital Punk & Profyler ‎– Dark Symphony/Rock The Party/Loose Control
Max Enforcer - Loudness (also the B-front remix)
Noisecontrollers - Sammara/Sanctus/E=Nc2
and Max Enforcer ‎– Time To Rock :+
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Postby hardstyleprem1um » 07 Feb 2013, 23:59

Dr Rude- Feelings (b-front RMX)
The Machine- Audiobot (the original), mistress of darkness
B-front- Development,night colours black, mysterias, undiscovered
Solutio and is- Necromancy
Noisecontrollers- Unbroken
Zany and B-front- Victims of the same world
B-front and Crypsis- Universe
Titan an B-front- Haunted
Kodex-Insomnia(the machine remix)
Density - Specymen

and many moore
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Postby ItsHeavyMOFO » 08 Feb 2013, 00:01

My all time favorite is probably Revolution by the Frequencerz. There a lot of good ones I can name though. :)
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Postby Bomberz » 08 Feb 2013, 00:38

Vazard - Zimmersion (and the Hardstyle Mafia remix).
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Postby Grape » 08 Feb 2013, 02:32

cause i don't count tracks that have been released before the dubious name rawstyle came over as rawstyle like mentioned tracks as "who wants this" i have to take a hardstyle mafia track:
6 Stages of Anger / Raw Resistance / Far Away From Home / Till The Roof Comes Of. choose one, i can't all on the same level for me _O_
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Postby icey » 08 Feb 2013, 02:58

I also class most listed tracks here as (real)Hardstyle so for 'raw' tracks which I actually like I think the better ones are

Nutty T vs Sasha F - Bad Dreams
Nutty T - 7 days
The Machine - Mistress of Darkness/Place of Terror
R3bels - Bionicle
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Postby tommyharder » 08 Feb 2013, 03:44

B-Front & Frontliner - Magic
Phrantic - Spells
Phuture Noize - Fire In The Hole
B-Front & Frequencerz - Night Colours Black (Original Mix)
The Beholder and Digital Punk - Machine Master
The R3bels - Shade
Delete - Fuck The Formula
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Postby DjPractice » 08 Feb 2013, 04:34

almost all of the above, but mostly what Icey said as well as all the Chris One tracks <3
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Postby Bohemian » 11 Feb 2013, 00:55

1. Chris One - Psycho/Killshot
2. Zany - Wilde Guilde Bas!
3. Solutio and the i's - Mistress
4. E-Force and Mc Tellem - Feel the Force & Shade of the Night with Luna.
5. Delete - Syndrome
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