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What does mean key of a track in Virtual DJ?

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Postby mystikk » 18 Feb 2012, 14:42

These days I downloaded Virtual DJ 7 and I'd be greatful if somebody tell me what is a key and keymatch in VDJ,because I've heard that there's impossible to make good hardstyle mixes without using the keys...
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Postby mystikk » 18 Feb 2012, 14:44

P.S. I am gonna use only laptop(no added hardware) in order to try my first hardstyle mix :)
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Postby John Cove » 18 Feb 2012, 14:45

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Postby Qwertz » 18 Feb 2012, 16:21

u should know a bit about music theory ;) every track has a certain key e.g D-Minor, C-Major or whatever. Every key is given a "key-code" which u can show in virtual dj aswell. u can use these key-codes for harmonic-mixing, which will make ur transitions sound much better. look here:
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Postby zanshi » 18 Feb 2012, 19:39 ... tures.html

it's suuuuper-useful!
not just for harmonic mixing, but also for composing and creating your tracks,
since certain keys can carry certain emotions with them (:
harmonic mixing is btw a good idea especially if you're a beginner, it makes your transitions sound a lot smoother
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Postby mystikk » 19 Feb 2012, 08:32

Could it be mixing by hearing,without knowing the keys? :p
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