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The B-Art *Mixtape's*

Share knowledge about DJ'ing here (Shared HS/HC)

Postby PsycBRos » 15 Feb 2017, 23:04

Hey Guys,we would like to share our B-Artstyle & B-Artcore Mixtapes with you :) And if there's just a single Person out there enjoying our works, it was worth uploading (H) We are no professionals,just doing this as a Hobby and for our own acoustic comfort. Some of the Mixes we had to do 1million times to get it right :p Feel free to leave Feedback below, suggestions for our improvement are always welcome ;) All Tracks are legally purchased as Vinyl,CD or digital files.

Our Mixes contain the older & newer styles

If this Post is against the Forum Rules or whatever please just delete it and it wont happen again.We just want to share good Music with People ;) Thank you

we hope you enjoy

B-Artstyle Tape 1

B-Artstyle Tape 2
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