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Postby ceero » 15 Oct 2021, 15:01

I see that a bunch of people over here are still collecting vinyls/started collecting, which is awesome!
So, if you are a record collector, let us see your collection! I'll start with mine :) I have been collecting since cca 2009 (Tonight vinyl was one of the very first I bought, shortly after it was released). I also have some classic trance stuff, some dnb and breaks, some house and techno, but considerably less then hardstyle. Also have plenty of black metal, prog metal and classic rock stuff.

Modern stuff some more ordered stuff on the way

Fusion & Superplastik
I have almost complete Fusion catalogue now, only missing some 4-5 releases. Nothing too fancy or hard to find missing tho, got all the exotic stuff like Angels & Demons EPs or Surge Of Power EPs

Scantraxx Main, Special, Silver, Sampler

Scantraxx Reloaded & EVO, the whitelabel is HHz - Sacrifice

SAIFAM my most precious part of the collection, around 120 BLQ, Dance Pollution, Titanic, Green Force & Red Alert releases, including some pretty rare stuff like Phases, Rage, Tritolo... Not that much to show tho because the company sleeves are basically the same except a couple of TBY releases on Titanic :)

Various Italian stuff 1 DJU Black, Red, Zanza, Activa, Explosive, Ipnotica, Fateful Bass

Various Italian stuff 2 basically Zatox stuff - Wicked, Droppin Beats, Italian Hardstyle

Various dutch stuff 1 - Sys-X, Seismic, Minus is More, AVIO, Hardcopy & more

Various dutch stuff 2 Next Chapter, StraightOn, Danamite, Mythica, X-Rate, Dutch Master Works, DJS Records

Various (mostly) dutch stuff 3 Q-Dance records, some old Sensation anthems, Scantraxx Italy, MIDIFY, A2 Records

Anyway, I will be moving from Prague to Poland in a couple of months, can't wait to move all of this shit :+
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 16 Oct 2021, 11:14

I don't have any pictures, but here's my collection on Discogs. I may be missing a few orders from Bandcamp, but most of it's here :)

Your collection still massively impresses me man :omg:

The ones I'm most proud of owning are Stamina - Skywalker (Classic Trance), my Dub-Stuy limited dubplates (Soundsystem Reggae), Made In Abyss soundtrack (Anime soundtrack), Deltarune OST (VG OST), Over The Garden Wall Soundtrack (Animated short series soundtrack), Nomine - Blind Man (Dubstep), Scot Project - S² (Hard Trance), Svensen & Gielen - The Beauty Of Silence (Classic Trance), Geck-O - Alien Sound System (Geck-O style ;D ), Gantz - Space Horror (Dubstep, Experimental), Las - Jungle Kitchen/Pocosink (+Commodo Remix) (Dubstep), AVB - Blue Fear (limited blue edition from 2004) (Classic Trance), Walton - Beyond (Dubstep, UK Garage House, Experimental), and Derler & Klitzing - Lift Me Up (Hard Trance) _O_
That last Derler & Klitzing track is what really made me start connecting vinyl, such a lovely song that one is (L) (L)
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Postby ThePrincipal » 17 Oct 2021, 12:52

My collection :)

Need to get my wife Chrissie's collection up in her own discogs account but think she will do that in the holidays with all her old Anjuna, Armada, Tsunami and Postiva vinyls :)
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Postby Ranky » 29 May 2022, 21:29

I currently have about 1600 records in my collection, biggest part is Hardstyle (about 85%), and also some Hardcore, Frenchcore, Hardtrance and HandsUp.


Also I'm doing regular livesets on Twitch :)


Actually I started collecting only about a year ago, before I was DJing digital only. But the vinyl addiction totally got me, since then I didn't touch my DDJ-1000 again. :D
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