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BRUTALE AUS TOUR (Sydney, 6.11.2015)


Postby DjPractice » 04 Nov 2015, 10:24



It’s cruel, ferocious, merciless, savage, barbaric and grim. It’s music, and it’s Brutal & it's coming to Australia..

Founded by The Sickest Squad, Meccano Twins and Unexist, Brutale is born to satisfy the appetite for destruction of all the true core hardheadz out there, pushing harder and heavier sounds to new heights.

With music made with the maximum sonic quality and with the support of Traxtorm Records, Brutale will be the inner core fortess for the actual and future producers of the extreme Hardcore sounds.

Brutale: No compromises.

The Brutale act is one of the most sort after has been smashing europe and the rest of the world with their amazing shows and now its our turn, don't miss your chance to see a truly unique show..

Thanks to the team at Mutilate and Nightvisions Sydney the Brutale show will be exclusive to Sydney and all internationals will play individual sets plus a joined Brutale set, this night will go down as one of the hardest sydney has seen..

1st International act

The Meccano Twins project started out in 2003 from the idea of 2 of the Art of Fighters members, driven by the need of a new breed of music, bleeding the hardcore mainstream together with darkcore and electronic (taking examples from artists like Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk) without losing the vibe and power of the hardcore music.

With hit tracks like Meccane, Illusion, Pain & Fear and Combustion, Meccano Twins is now one of the most respected hardcore producer around, able to surprise and innovate with every release.

2nd International act

The Sickest Squad they are without any doubt among the most popular acts in the hardest form of hardcore and this will be their 1st time in Australia. As some might now, the origin of The Sickest Squad was "Sick DJ Team" (2000). After their first release, they took the time to evolve to a new dimension:The Sickest Squad. Their sound towards "Sickcore" and they released from 2005 many hits as Boomshakalaka, Opera Prima, Il clitoride, etc. In the mean time, The Sickest Squad got bigger due to their live-act legacy and performed on the most big parties. TSS is capable of driving the crowd insane with their very energetic core. From 2013 they joined Traxtorm Records with their first release "Minimal is criminal". Stay tuned!

3rd International act and good friends of Australia

The Art of Fighters started out in 1997 in Italy. Formerly 3 guys, the actual formation is made by two: Cristian (producer and dj) and Luca (MC).
Their career was one of the fastest ever in the scene, it was the 2000 and they were just 18th when they jumped on the biggest stages of europe playing their hit tracks 'Artwork' and 'Earthquake', wearing their trademark: a scary hockey mask, as seen in the movie 'Friday 13th'.

Since then they were unstoppable: spreading out to the USA, Canada, Australia and eastern Europe they continue to publish track after track, becaming one of the leading act of the present hardcore scene. In 2011 they were in charge of the production of two of the biggest party anthems: Dominator and Thunderdome. Doing so they evolved their sound into a more mature approach to music, which combines harmony and technicality with the rawness and power that needs to be found in hardcore music.

1st Australian act and Spoontech boss, Dj Vazard!

Anyone who saw him destroy the blue stage at Defqon Australia last year with Delete, will tell you this is one set that shouldn't be missed!

With hard hitting tracks like Misbegotten, This Is Who I Really Am, Heavolution 999 and Jiggy, Vazard is one of the most innovative and respected raw producers in the worldwide raw scene..
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Postby M2PWNS » 04 Nov 2015, 19:30

Sooo Sydney gets Evil activties set and this + knockout. gee
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