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[24/02/2018] Reverze - Essence of Eternity [BE]

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Postby propells » 08 Dec 2017, 19:14

Segugio:I've been reading mixed reviews on the sound quality. Can anyone compare it to Qlimax?

Shittier than Qlimax. And Qlimax is miles away from perfect. Lotto Arena is ok in the back (didn't try any other spot). Sportpaleis is.. omg.. very bad. Especially in the front and on the sides.

That's unfortunate. The lights at Reverze look amazing, but I will be very unhappy if I fly across the ocean for bad sound. Should I just go to Hard Bass instead?

Imo, go to Hard Bass instead. Overall a much better event, the sound at HB is much better than Reverze, but still far from perfect.. :) The lights are cool at Reverze indeed, but they are better at HB. Also Sportpaleis isn’t as big as you would think, and its paacked. I think it’s actually a handball course?
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Postby Skape » 08 Dec 2017, 21:49

Never had any issue with the sound at Reverze. It's indeed smaller than the GelreDome but the show is great, it's like a mini Qlimax. It's packed at the beginning but around 3/4pm it's much less crowded, like Qlimax/HB.

And having too area is really cool, it let you some choice. So I think it's worth it to go to Reverze too :)
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