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[27/01/2018] Hard Bass [NL]

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Postby Roberthawkins » 08 Feb 2018, 00:20

Please atleast give us Adaro live!
The lightshow was amazing
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Postby Neon » 08 Feb 2018, 10:03

Gracio:Team sets. I don't expect the Live sets will be released

I think it’s more likely to see the live sets over a full video team set as there wasn’t that much in the way of exclusives.

As I posted they were replying to comments on YouTube saying full sets coming I can only pray for full video but I expect they mean recorded full sets!
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Postby D-Rian » 23 Feb 2018, 23:44

I had to come back to this thread because Hardbass is absolutely stuck in my head. What a great show! And yeah, sound on the stands was bad, but this has to do with the way they arrange the sound system in the gelredome. Most sound is radiated downwards from the ceilings with highly directional arrays. This means when sitting on the stars, you get Bass, because even though they used endure and carded arrays, it can never be as directional as the mid and high frequencies, but basically no mid or highs. Only scattered indirect sound which made it sometimes impossible to follow a melody on the stands. Unfortunately this is the only way to meet noise restrictions outside the gelredome.
Light and Lasershow was absolutely insane but I have to say I hate those CO2 Jets! the 8 jets in the middle of the stage were so annoyingly loud when they fired... Meh...

Will definitely be going next year!
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