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Sub Zero Project & GLDY LX - Bass Train

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Postby The Ascendant » 13 Apr 2017, 23:18

The Convicted:One of the best producers lately.


Amazing track that is on a whole other level :)
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Postby NICK9656 » 14 Apr 2017, 01:25

These guys have a bright future, if they continue like that. Love it, incredible bass _O_
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Postby GamerZoneUSA » 14 Apr 2017, 02:14

Jesus that's heavy as hell.. I LOVE IT
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Postby ThePrincipal » 14 Apr 2017, 02:35

nice track and all but not really to my taste. prefer their more melodic stuff
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Postby Euphorizer » 14 Apr 2017, 02:42

Raw track of the year for me. _O_
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Postby propells » 14 Apr 2017, 03:04

That grand finale is total destruction. Love it
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Postby F-Rank » 14 Apr 2017, 11:41

Euphorizer:Raw track of the year for me. _O_

This is as Raw as Atmozfears - Singularity, So calling it "The Raw track of the year" is kind of a greyzone in my opinion, because I'd only qualify ½ of the track as actually Raw.

Not that it's a problem because the drive alone, in this track makes it the best track that I have heard so far, this year. This is what I want in Hardstyle. The brutal sound of a hard hitting kick with screeches, put together in such a way that the drive in the track makes me feel like I am on a train straight to doomsday. _O_ _O_
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Postby Deadwood » 14 Apr 2017, 15:04

This is some next level shit. It is even better than The Project. :dance:
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Postby Amperial » 14 Apr 2017, 18:58

That Sub Bass is fucking serious.

Next level kicks.
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Postby Bluemind » 14 Apr 2017, 19:12

Is this even legal? o_o
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Postby Crystal2235 » 14 Apr 2017, 19:16

holyf*kinsh*t :O pure madness _O_
not really into raw hs but this is freakin awesome :fist:
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Postby Malgranda » 14 Apr 2017, 20:52

Such a fresh and banging track _O_ _O_
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Postby D-Jess » 15 Apr 2017, 01:58

Very shared with that one.

I like a lot this midintro, less fat than The Project but still good, but an anti after ... I really prefer a big melody instead ... it makes me a bit disappointed :\
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Postby dolanpls » 15 Apr 2017, 03:48

These guys are the future of hardstyle with dewin wild.
This track goes so fucking hard :fist: :fist: :fist:
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Postby butterprickol » 15 Apr 2017, 11:21

This is an 11/10 for me. Superb track. Great sound design, brutal kicks and them distortion ;OOO
Holy fuck. TOTY material
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