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Brennan Heart - We Can Escape (Intents Anthem 2012)

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Postby koldsa » 14 May 2012, 22:55

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koldsa (27)
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Postby langness » 14 May 2012, 23:04

(L) really catchy summer vibe. Let's hope he releases this as fast as lose my mind :p
langness (23)
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Postby The inverters » 14 May 2012, 23:10

HELL of a song, just awesome perfect song for the summer _O_
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The inverters
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Postby Zak » 14 May 2012, 23:33

Good summer vibe, good for the event imo :)
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There's definitely something special about hardstyle from 2006-2010....
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Zak (27)
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Postby Haz » 14 May 2012, 23:34

that woman is wearing the wrong colour lipstick for that dress...

song isn't that bad either.
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Haz (23)
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Postby Pieee_HS » 14 May 2012, 23:40

"your moment" build up kb :? :rofl:
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Pieee_HS (28)
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Postby Pavilon » 14 May 2012, 23:42

Cool summer track,
but the old trash synth lead and midi edit of his other tracks
Pavilon (32)
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Postby Brandox » 14 May 2012, 23:42

Just wow, simply amazing (L)
Like the touch of the old style :)
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Brandox (25)
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Postby DjVero » 14 May 2012, 23:48

I think this is a pretty good anthem, it really captures a nice feeling. Don't like the break with those vocals though (with the kick later on they sound alright), but the rest sounds good.

However, I do have a feeling the build-up will be very generic though
Mr. Revealed
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DjVero (30)
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Postby V1eslaveq » 14 May 2012, 23:51

Awesome track, great summer vibe (L)
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V1eslaveq (25)
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Postby Neko » 14 May 2012, 23:54

Such a lovely one... by far my new favourite track.
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Neko (26)
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 15 May 2012, 02:29

Pretty damn good track, and definitely makes me think of those long car rides to the beach as a little kid. (L) Brennan made a great summer anthem here
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Reverse Ghost (24)
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Postby PumpStatic » 15 May 2012, 03:08

Has a nice summer vibe to it, but not the best ;)
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PumpStatic (22)
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Postby D-Rian » 15 May 2012, 03:26

The first BH Track I reeeaaallyyy like....!
But am I the only who thinks, that this huge analog mixing console is some kind of useless for hardstyle productions? :/ Why route everything through that console if it could also be done with a DAW controller or even in Logic itself? Seems like that console is just his optic feature because in this video he tweaks everything on his macbook :D

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Postby M4xiK0 » 15 May 2012, 06:58

First I thought hey BH lead again :D but then it wasn´t there and I actually like the track =)
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