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Harderstate Market


Postby HardstyleLJ » 09 Jan 2011, 02:27

As there's no topic yet, I'll start one now :one:

I guess it would be more clear if answers/interests are sent via PM and sold stuff will get edited.

Starting with:

- 2 Denon DN-S 5000
- an Akai MPC 500
- a Sony PsP :P

So if you are interested, please send me a private message.
Thx :wave:
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Postby malicious_kode » 09 Jan 2011, 03:45

Hi everybody, and welcome to the Harderstate Market
We would like to introduce you to a new vision of sound
A sound generated from a special device
The Hardstyle Machine
Do you need a hard bassline?
Do you need a stunning drum kick?
Are you in need for a tough snare?
The Hardstyle Machine is what you need
No kick topics, no exceptions.
For kick-related stuff use the topics in the red text above. #n00bz4eVar
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Postby zanshi » 11 Jan 2011, 11:30

i'm in need for 2 pioneer 100's (or similar) in zuid holland starting off from february or june
i just need to borrow them for 6 months cause i'll just take my mixer with me to holland.
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Postby RapingPaper » 12 Jan 2011, 12:01

why are you not taking your turns there too? Oo
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