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Postby EMi » 02 Jul 2018, 00:44

The RaveN:Very muddy mix and the kick is out of tune.

Yeah im working on the mix and the kick is not out of tune :)

10/10 feedback
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Postby The RaveN » 02 Jul 2018, 10:44

Sorry if it isn't very detailed, but the kick did sound out of tune relatively to the rest.
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Postby The Earfucker » 03 Jul 2018, 02:53

@zxen realy good flow and a real kick with real raw power and a good downmix good work
@ krb the kick is to far away and the melody is to loud the kick needs much more power
The rest of the tracks here are for me standard and nothing special
I hear a lot of standard kicks that all artists already used

this is more a freestyle track i made with a new artist name
released at Noisj
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Postby Krystaal » 09 Jul 2018, 19:15

@SKRWD, oh man that is dope! i really liked it! missing some characters and reverb i guess to my taste but i like it!

Here's another snippet from me..

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Postby SNOOPP » 10 Jul 2018, 14:44

Krystaal, it can be a good summer vibe if you will be able to finish it in time :D

This was the first track that we did as a collab project, bit experimental)
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Postby NRx Hardstyle » 23 Jul 2018, 01:20

@Snoopp: Awesome stuff, really looking forward for OZ
@Krystaal; Awesome melo, tho I'dd layer the lead more and add more reverb

What ya bois feel about this
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Postby The Earfucker » 27 Jul 2018, 16:15

@ NRx Hardstyle
i like the kick at te start more than the next one
nice synths you made
vocals are also good
and awesome screeches _O_

I do not have much experience with hardstyle
tried a piece here
hope he is good
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Postby Krystaal » 28 Jul 2018, 22:07

@SNOOP, i actually really liked it! i would just perhaps add some more layers on first climax and perhaps use another layer or lead for the second one, overall this is pretty nice!

I tried to do some oriental/mysterious atmosphere on those snippets :p

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Postby KLAUS » 31 Jul 2018, 20:25

Nice kick, although I don't like the pitching on high notes. Good vocal choice and usage! Overall I like the trancy vibes! :)
What I miss is some variation here and there but your track is not bad at all! Keep it up!

@SKRWD Really enjoy your track man! Good melo and nice kick. I think you can even extend your melody for the second climax for example. By extend I mean other notes but still in the same key of the song to give it some variation.

@ Krystaal:
Hidden Nature: Great track! Kick reminds me a bit of MYST's .. I hear you also use harmonics, sounds good!
The crypt as well, but they're both snippets, do you also make full tracks?
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Postby Asklepios » 08 Aug 2018, 19:02

SKRWD I agree with Klaus, Melo is nice but second part needs more variations. Your kinda dubstep sounds need to be reworked as they are really basic. However, as I like these spacy sounds, good work ;)

Krystaal The Crypt is a banger. Not 100% fan of the kick but I really like this melody, and lead fits really well.
The artefakt is good but not my style. A bit too trancy for me. Background kick sounds a bit strange to me.

The Earfucker I think you tried to build your track like you would build a house/techno song. Does not work for me but just a matter of taste. I think you can improve the tok of your kick, and your leads are a bit too cheesy for me :p

SNOOP Sreech is interesting, but does not pop out as it should. Maybe a bit of tweaking and it will sounds dope. Those "8bits" sounds are a bit too much for me, I would delete them (especially behind main lead) but it's a matter of taste again. Good job on the kick.
The "squary" leads are a bit strange imo.

NRxAs far as I remember, your preview was based on an egyptian theme and it was a banger. Just needed a bit of improvement on transitions from orchestral to hardstyle

Got some time, made a new mid intro :dance:
There just might be a gremlin in your house
Feel free to ask ;-)
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Postby NRx Hardstyle » 09 Aug 2018, 10:14

@Ynori: Yes Ive put it here, its going to release real soon
Your midintro sounds really interesting, good clean mix and its not overdone Imo. Slap on more fx and vary the patterns a bit more and its going to be really cool.

@Krystaal: The Artefakt, pretty interesting, not really anything special sticking out, but I assume its not done yet.
The crypt on the other hand has a really interesting progression and lead which makes it interesting in my ears.

Next track I have in the making:
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