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Postby Pkay » 12 May 2018, 15:06

@Uoburu i love the drumbeat with the vocal, it sounds really awesome! it does feel a bit crowded from 0:14 till 0:39 imo. i think the melody needs a bit of tweaking here and there and perhabs a better build up to the drop? but this sounds really promising. cant wait to hear the full finished version!
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Postby Tragonvalo » 13 May 2018, 12:17

@JensJacobsen I really really like this lead and melody, they match really well together. Good preview.

@Krystaal Oh this is some good stuff, very clean and this gives me the feeling of summer :D. I have always liked your stuff, you have quality in your tracks.

@Uoburu Really like this female vocals, it fits so well in this track. I agree with @Pkay that 0:14 till 0:39 sounds a bit crowded. But anyways a very good track.

Here is a preview of a 2009 style track
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Postby Blackowls » 15 May 2018, 20:52

Hello guys! This is our first Raw Hardstyle song!
Coming soon our complete track!
Follow us and support us.
We are the Blackowls!
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Postby KRB-MP » 17 May 2018, 13:24

I pretty like your track, it remembers me of good old days ahah !
The intro part is pretty amazing, well mastered and I absolutely love the kick !
For the climax part, the lead is pretty well designed, but the kick doesn't seems to follow the melody bassline (personnal choice ?)
Overall a pretty good track !

Good work, can't wait to listen to the whole track ;)

Ok, since I didn't post for a while, here's a preview of my upcoming track, I know there are some small issues with the mastering, but I couldn't wait anymore to share it with you !
There you've got both intro and climax ;)



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Postby Asklepios » 26 May 2018, 18:25

KRB-MP Lead is quite interesting, and it automates nicely. But it is a bit thin. Kick is too dongy. I know you worked hard on it so keep it up.

Black Owls Check rules please. I like the whole idea of the track, sound design fits well. Kicks might be improved.

Lyx i liked it until the new style kick came in. Really good old style intro _O_

Krystaal Lead is a bit thin but except that, it's great. Good job _O_

On my side, here are 2 unfinished stuffs I will probably never finish (first track has a kick ripped from Devin wild) but I wanted to share them :O

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Feel free to ask ;-)
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Postby KRB-MP » 02 Jun 2018, 11:53

Your first project : I pretty like the atmosphere you made there, mostly due to the right use of the vocals, the mastering is pretty well made, the track in general sounds correct, and also, I pretty like the kick
The lead sounds a bit too distorded for me, in fact I think it's "too huge", personnal opinion, otherwise a good track !
Your second project : I absolutely love this kind of "psytrance" (correct me if I'm wrong) lead, it sounds like a mix between two different genres, and it sounds pretty nice !
I still like the kick, and it's well mastered ;) Keep it up !

So while I was working on my previous track, I was also experimenting on this one (experimenting with new leads/effects/vocals)
I'm mostly looking for tips and advices about the vocals, because it's the second try with vocals for me, so I wanna know your opinion about cuz it's completly new for me !

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Postby Wavelength » 04 Jun 2018, 02:17

Too slow for me too lol.

What you think?
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Postby EMi » 21 Jun 2018, 01:36

@Wavelength Dude! You should stop torture birds to make your own screeches! :p

Just kidding. You need to work on transitions, the build up sounds higher than the drop itself. Adjust the volume of each element, use some crasesh, snare etc to build up to the drop. The kick could be good, but the rest of the elements needs much work that you cant clearly appreciate the kick.

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