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Postby Gracio » 22 Nov 2017, 22:56

Defqon: Atmozfears or Da Tweekaz
Decibel: Frequencerz
Intents: I don't care
Rebirth: same
Qlimax: B-Front

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Postby bassfaceBAM » 24 Nov 2017, 08:49

ceero:Defqon1 : MYST
Decibel : MYST
Qlimax : MYST
Hard Bass : MYST (4x)
New national anthem : MYST

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Postby Digital Shifter » 24 Nov 2017, 10:57

Defqon 1: Headhunterz probably
Hardbass: Phuture Noize
Decibel: DJ Ruud
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Postby solarized » 24 Nov 2017, 13:42

Hard Bass - Sub Zero Project
Reverze - Phuture Noize
Defqon.1 - Atmozfears
Decibel - Audiotricz
Q-Base - Bass Modulators
Qlimax - B-Front or B-Freqz
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Postby D-Jess » 24 Nov 2017, 15:18

Defqon.1 : Atmozfears
Reverze : Sub Zero Project
Q-Base : Zatox
Qapital : Radical Redemption
Qlimax : B-Front
Decibel : Audiotricz or Wildstylez
Dream Village : Devin Wild or Adrenalize
Supremacy : Warface
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Postby bassfaceBAM » 25 Nov 2017, 01:40

Digital Shifter:Defqon 1: Headhunterz probably

Really hope not
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Postby Valadia » 25 Nov 2017, 01:50

Digital Shifter:Defqon 1: Headhunterz probably

Really hope not

This. Nice and all that he's back but his current style doesn't fit the Defqon vibe at all, if you ask me.
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Postby Stryder » 25 Nov 2017, 08:08

Defqon.1 - Atmozfears or Max Enforcer
Qlimax - B-Front
Qapital - Deetox
Hard Bass - Spirit Of Hardstyle or Coone
Decibel - Audiotricz or WIldstylez
Rebirth - Frequencerz or Devin WIld
Qontinent - Hard Driver or Ran-D
Reverze - Sub Zero Project
Intents - literally could be anyone
Q-Base - same above
Supremacy - D-Sturb or Sub Sonik

Digital Shifter:Hardbass: Phuture Noize

impossible. he's not on the lineup for next year :+
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 25 Nov 2017, 11:38

Phuture Noize or B-Front for the Qlimax anthem, guaranteed. They should have a duo collab titled "Phuture Front" :D
Defqon I bet will be Sound Rush for some reason
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Postby dolanpls » 25 Nov 2017, 15:57

"Phuture Front" :D

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Postby Rodrass » 25 Nov 2017, 16:15

Defqon.1 - Atmozfears
Qlimax - Ran-D
Qapital - Warface
Hard Bass - Spirit Of Hardstyle
Supremacy - D-Sturb
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Postby Emre » 25 Nov 2017, 16:53

"Phuture Front" :D

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x2 :rofl: :rofl:
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Postby Qobalt » 05 Apr 2018, 15:58

Max Enforcer for Defqon.1 2018? Maximum Force... Max Enforcer... :+
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