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Postby Krystaal » 29 Mar 2018, 19:56

@Emi, The whole idea is good, you shoud check as well the stereo, add some supersaw with shitload of reverb and compress the reverb. if you are using stereo plugins, quit them as you can have phase issues.. use the pan to seperate each sound/layers to their room space, will sounds better i guess :p

Heres some wip from me..

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Postby The RaveN » 30 Mar 2018, 13:52


Maybe a riser before the climax?

Everything else is beautiful :D
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Postby dhamiri_k » 31 Mar 2018, 08:49

It's been a while here :D

@Krystal - the melody have really nice chords, might be okay if you don't introduce the chords first, just the bells and pads is okay enough, and add some moderate spacey texture background so it could be accurate to the title track. You can also fill the gap between the break and the melody with some drum fills before the melody gets introduced. Overall, nice vibe for the snippet :D

@Wavelength - Your snippet is okay for a start. Maybe it's a bit too sudden to drop the beat after the break. Try to introduce the vocal chops before the drop. Can't add too much I think since it's sounds okay to me. Keep it up

@Emi - The kick is really good here but personally, I don't dig too much that overly high pitched note kick, could be risking of less energy of the kick. Maybe you could be pitched it down. The melody is okay for me. The second screech you use is nice already, maybe you can just use that. The vibe is alright for me, feels fresh. The mix could be nicer if the reverb were not used too much, either keep the reverb send amount less, the bass could be lower in volume since it could diminished other soft sounds in the mix. Overall a good track, but next time work more on the mixing.

@KRB - The kick in your track sounds not proper for a climax kick, since the energy is really different to your mid intro and outro due to your kick length, but the kick complements well with outro but not at the climax in my opinion. The reverse bass is nice, but not to me personally, I like it have to have more character driven than heavy bass. The lead of the melody seems a bit thin, try to add bit of drive and another layer that handles -1 octave. Overall a good try man, keep on working hard for next track.

@NRx - The vibe in the track really nice, for the silence, maybe could add some fills too for backing up the vocals. For suggestions I would love to hear the vocals have some growly back up vocals. The atmosphere at the break and climax is well done there. The kick is very well done and fits the track. The second break could have a bit of bass so the lowend part of that part dosent feel empty. Great work man :D

So me and my friend decide to make a duo project for now, to see where we could go together. This is our first take that still in progress. I want to know what I could do to make the change of the kicks i've use sounds not too sudden. Any feedbacks are welcomed :D

P/S: will be deleted soon to work more on it
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Postby dawed1999 » 05 Apr 2018, 00:16

@Krystal: I would add thump to the impact in the end. Just to give it a bit of weight. But besides that I'm liking it.
@dhamiri_k: the kick in the climax reminds me of Yhimself's kick. Did you make using his tutorials? Also the track is fantastic although it might be a bit overkill with the 3 different kicks.

Ok. So I made this a while back(almost a year in fact). Not really producing at the moment. Just wanted to know if it's any good or not
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Postby Asklepios » 09 Apr 2018, 22:53

dawed1999 I quite like that old school piano. Most important work is on the levels, claps/bass FX/snares compared to main lead. Elements are also coming a bit out of nowhere. And work on the reverb also.

dhamiri_k Vocal is good, I like that trancy melody but more variations would make a better job. About your kicks, some are louder than the others, so we really noticed the change.

krystaal Awesome melody _O_ but don't know about that lead. It doesn't use the full potential of the melody.

Here is something I started recently. (sorry for soundcloud quality :+ )
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Postby dhamiri_k » 12 Apr 2018, 18:12

dawed1999:@dhamiri_k: the kick in the climax reminds me of Yhimself's kick. Did you make using his tutorials? Also the track is fantastic although it might be a bit overkill with the 3 different kicks.

I'm not sure about this kick, it might be though. But before this my kicks loosely are based on his tutorial haha.

Anyways, The chords are okay for me, but when the kick comes in, the lead somehow get drowned, maybe try to maintaining the lead to be above the kick, sidechaining it can do the trick i hope. The screech have more Now Is The Time vibe, really good man. A good snippet I can say.

@Asklepios - Damn, love the melody man. The break have nice ambiance, could be more dramatic if added some cinematic snare rolls to it. Overall, the break could be more interesting with some background textures to accompany them. Good work man

Thank you guys for the feedback given. Will work more to make it very nice
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Postby NRx Hardstyle » 16 Apr 2018, 08:29

@Krystaal; Alright melo is reminding me of like some hard dance track from the early 2000's. Still good tho, really unique and crisp sound. I'dd work a bit on the kick, the tail seems to lack a bit of distortion.

@Dhamiri_k; Sounds pretty trancey melo wise. Tho kick is pretty clean but could use a bit more work still ;) Everything sounds pretty good mixdown wise, I'dd work on the midintro to try to fill it up a bit more with fx and stuff.
Other than that really good work ;)

@Dawed1999: You have to work on the mixdown and mastering, everything sounds way overcompressed. Melo is pretty good, but lead could use more layers tho, making the supersaw a bit bigger.

@Asklepios; Interesting sound design, I do like it tho. Melo sounds good, cant wait for more of this :)

So melo is kinda 80%done on this, Kick is not done properly and its mostly just a basic track still but what do ya'll think?
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