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Postby Skape » 06 Sep 2017, 23:53

nerz:this has been on my mind for quite some time now so it's time to do some ranting.

i think this whole 'let's take a guy, produce some tracks for him and give him a costume and a slogan' marketing strategy is cringy as fuck. when G4H started this trend a few years ago, it was pretty good because it was a novelty and quite exciting. they pretty much nailed the masked gangsters stuff and they produced great tracks that fit the whole theme. but nowadays every ~third (especially raw) act MUST HAVE a costume, mask and an edgy slogan. instead of this idiotic trend, producers and labels should focus on making and releasing actually great music.

and yes, i know this is how the music industry works, this is how they promote themselves, a lot of people love this idea, etc etc but i just felt the need to rant (take a look at Warface's fb page, VOTE FOR THE MASTER OF WAR - i mean, seriously... :rofl: )

I get your point but look, if you extend this to other genre of music you find this trend everywhere.

The best example is probably Daft Punk, I'm not sure they would be that famous without their suit and helmet, even if of course they are great producers. But no one find it cringy imo, they built their brand around this and it worked pretty well.

So it's mostly about entertainment, show and of course marketing, in order to distinguish themselves among all the other producers.
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