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What year has been the best for hardstyle?


Postby The Convicted » 18 Jul 2017, 14:41

I've been following hardstyle since 2009/2010 and since that, maybe the 2010-12 period was the most intense to me: the majority of raw tracks got me with those awesome atmospheres, no useless kickrolls (although I dig some of those tracks nowadays) and not hardcoreish, but crunchy kicks... or just take a look at the Theracords/Therabyte releases, full of goldies _O_

As having the opportunity to take a look at the previous stages of hardstyle, I'd say the early hardstyle era is just right after that with the beginning of nu-style era also, just not with that intensity.

And I know it's pretty much a cliché thought, because people like to mention something as best what they're living in right now, but even at halfway of this year, 2017 is going to the right direction to be one of the most memorable years in the history of hardstyle with all those comebacks that shake up the scene a little bit, mixed with nostalgia and excitement :)
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Postby Mell » 19 Jul 2017, 18:36

Found out about HS around 2004, liked a few tracks. Got more interested around 2005-06, liked the tracks that paved the way to what would become nu-style. My favorite years would be 2006-07 for the excitement in the air - you never knew if the artist next track would be nustyle, reverse bass, gated kick based (except Hhz ofcourse :P). Add to that all the madness going on at GHF at the time :D.
Also parties/livesets were fun, had to guess how much hs how much nustyle before attending/downloading.

For me it started going downhill around 2009, too much singalong shit, too much focus on production quality instead of the idea. Lost completely contact with the genre for years. Have been mildly interested again since like 2014. Excited to see what future brings.
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