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Postby sequence7 » 16 May 2017, 16:57

Sellin my new pack

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Postby Netris » 06 Jun 2017, 11:50

Seeing how assymetric distortion is key to a good euphoric kick, I'm wondering if it's as important for a raw kick. Does any of you know ?
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Postby Vi Ta Lee » 27 Jun 2017, 05:37

Short tutorial from me. How to pitch a hardstyle kick in Logic Pro X.

I think it's simple but effective method.

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Postby hitman47 » 02 Jul 2017, 17:38

Hi guys,

i'm French & just registered into this community.
I play with FL studio for over 10 years now.

can somenone tell me some advice on how to achieve a perfect rawstyle "tok" punch and how to get this caracteristic sound.

will try to help and share my knowledge about hardstyle music for those who want.

thank you very much.
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Postby FinnState » Yesterday, 13:54

I don't have that much experience in rawstyle, but what i've understood by following a bit on the forum the kind of 2017'ish tok sound comes from EQuing the mids by a pretty huge amount, then distorting that and after that going into shaping that sound through more EQ and Distortion/Limiting/Compressing, whatever technique you find best. Also depending on what kind of kick you want to create you can use reverb in different ways, you can make it a short reverb on the whole kick to kind of make it bigger, take the punch and make a longer reverb or combining these techniques. You could also try making a kick, bounce it so that you have your original kick and the bounced one, then cut the bounced one so you only have the punch, or the "tok" left. After that you can apply some sliht EQ and distortion to the new tok to make it stand out more and then layering that tok with the original kick(and the original tok). Try them out and see if you get anywhere. Also please correct me if anything i said makes no sense at all :D My kicks arent't near any professional quality kicks :D

[edit] Hey! My original post was meant to another thread! But as i see the above fits the purpose of the thread i decided to let it stay here!
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