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Why was the Frenchcore thread locked 6 years ago?


Postby MLR_Tachyon » 21 Feb 2017, 21:25

Just curious! :one:
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Postby Emre » 21 Feb 2017, 21:58

most logical reason to close threads to me is because they weren't active enough?
It has nearly broken me.
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Postby Bomberz » 21 Feb 2017, 23:03

Who knows why it was close, it was 6 years ago :+ :+
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Postby freddy g » 07 Apr 2017, 10:36

Make a new one?
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Postby The Blaster » 19 Apr 2017, 19:59

There is so much good stuff now! totally lost interest in the hollow kicks at a higher speed but there is so much stuff out there now im just in awe of :)
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