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Hey hey hey from Finland!


Postby mariannade » 18 May 2015, 16:11

Greetings from Finland! My name is Marianna, and I'm new to the forum but no way new to the music. "Party hard or go home" :dance:
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Postby Rocko » 18 May 2015, 16:58

Welcome! Not too many of "us" here, so we need to stick together :dance:
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Postby NRx Hardstyle » 18 May 2015, 22:14

Hi and welcome!
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Postby xXxHsCL0vErXxX » 18 May 2015, 23:46

Welcome here! :)
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Postby NICK9656 » 21 May 2015, 00:21

Welcome to harderstate! :)
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Postby Emre » 21 May 2015, 09:48

Welcome! :D
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Postby DjVero » 21 May 2015, 19:31

Welcome here
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Postby tha rippah » 21 May 2015, 21:40

Tervetuloa! :D Soon we can get our own finnish section :+
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