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AoF vs Angerfist Mask


What's the best mask?

Art of Fighters
Total votes : 27

Postby bassfaceBAM » 01 Aug 2014, 01:41

Two questions for you.
1. Who was first to wear them?
2. What one is your favourite?

I personally like Angerfists more . And I don't know who was first but Angerfist is the first I seen to wear a mask so to me it's like AoF copied it. Even though that may not be the case its how I feel .
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 01 Aug 2014, 02:11

AoF was first with a mask, what you think is false ;)
No option for Noisekick, wow.
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Postby bassfaceBAM » 01 Aug 2014, 02:36

Sorry don't know a great deal of hardcore names only so many. Never heard of noisekick though the poll was for only them two
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Postby bassfaceBAM » 01 Aug 2014, 02:40

Just looked up noisekick and cannot compare his masks (for a start they are fucking awful) AoF and Angerfist have very similar masks and that's why I was asking as to who do you prefer.
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Postby tha rippah » 01 Aug 2014, 04:34

Dr. Macabre had the same mask as Angefist in the nineties already. I think they're pretty silly, so no vote from me. :+
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Postby Dj Reaper » 01 Aug 2014, 08:08

I like Angerfists mask more, maybe also due to the fact that he inteoduced me to hc and still is my favourite hc-producer but it is true that AoF have been wearing their mask for longer time and their mask is more similar to the original Jason mask from that horror film they copied it from (don't remember the name) and I like their productions more than angerfists in the last 1-2 years tbh (what nobody asked for anyways). However I don't find them silly, they give a unique recognisable element to the dj and I guess without the mask Angerfist wouldn't be the moat wellknown hc-dj ;)
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Postby bassfaceBAM » 01 Aug 2014, 08:22

The film was Friday the 13th
I think neophyte and anger fist were the first that I came across and with the angerfist slogan "raise your fist" as well as the great productions and he was the first hc dj I seen makes me choose angerfist. Also think the mask is just much better. Solid white and much scarier too. The aof look jus a bit more tacky
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Postby Starkast » 01 Aug 2014, 15:28

Noisekicks masks are awesome :D But i prefer Angerfist's mask the most
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