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Why was 2006 such a good year for hardstyle


Postby DJ XtAzY » 12 Apr 2014, 08:51

I don't know about you guys but I think one of the good reasons 2006 was good is that not all tracks are played at freaking 150BPM. Every track released nowadays are at least 150BPM and damn I hate shuffling to that speed. Now it's all about jumping up and down fast and flinging your arms in the air frantically.
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Postby Absence » 12 Apr 2014, 12:26

Shadow Interaction:^ i think "quality" can be considered something like "technicly, analasisable explainable", though through the years equipment has become better so the details are more notably for adjusting, thus making kicks definately "better" then before
Quality is not a level of personal opinion.

Impact, progress and elements sounding as 1 are technically analyzable. It is a fact that it is harder to distinguish punch and tail in a simple early kick than it is in a new Noisecontroller kick. My point was, that the complexity of a kick has increased faster than that they can handle quality-wise and therefore the quality is less even though the techniques have become more advanced.

or nah. I call bias man :)

What is there to call a bias. Impact can be measured by volume and frequency differences over time, that's not a matter of opinion, that is what you call technically analyzable. And so is the coherence of punch and tail. In the new hardstyle the punch and tail are produced seperately and then merged together. In the old simple basic kickdrum, it is already one as it just resembles the bassdrum of the real drums. Saying that those punch and tail are less coherent is saying that real drums also produce a less coherent kick than the complex kicks of today.
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Postby Chronic Deface » 12 Apr 2014, 18:19

ceero:In 2006 everyone, i mean EVERYONE had his signature kick, signature synth or signature sounds. Even though there were trends, like at any point of hardstyle's history, every artist contributed to the genre with something unique and special that just wouldnt be there without him, that just doesnt happen now as much as it used to. That is what made the music way more creative, thus quality to me.

One of the reasons why I've stopped following the Hardstyle scene and moved on. As I have discovered lots of new music I can tell myself that 99% of the Hardstyle tracks made these days no longer appeal to me and the scene has become really immature and hypocrite, compaired to other scenes.

The other reason is that producers, djs and most of the scene believe that quality is expressed in sounddesign and the technical aspect in tracks. There is no such thing as quality, as it's all based on opinions. There are only a handfull of Hardstyle tracks released these days that I still consider as a piece of music, rather than a ''sounddesign project''.
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