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Hello everyone!


Postby Haug219 » 24 Jul 2011, 21:17

Hello everyone my name is Patrick. I joined this site to talk with other hard dance fans and broaden my knowledge about it. Im in the process of saving for a new computer and equipment so I can start learning to make music. Its hard to find people who know about or like hardstyle here in the U.S. (Not saying they aren't here lol.) Some people over here are in it just to be a part of the rave scene but dont know anything about the actual tracks they play or who's playing them. Im looking to find people who love the music, the artists, and everything else about it. Looking forward to this! Thanks : )
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Postby Qwertz » 24 Jul 2011, 21:18

welcome !!
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Postby Lop-Sided » 25 Jul 2011, 11:32

Welcome to the forums, Patrick! :D
Nice to see another American on this forum! :)

And I agree, here in the USA it's very hard to find people who like hardstyle...or actually know what it is, for that matter. Where I live, the only thing that everybody listens to is commercial radio stations or dubstep (which is really starting to get popular). So I know how you feel. :p
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Postby Subject Zero » 26 Jul 2011, 12:13

Welcome mate :)
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Postby Euforix » 26 Jul 2011, 12:17

Hi Patrick and welcome!
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Postby Tweeka_1 » 26 Jul 2011, 19:29

Welcome mister U.S! =) am not downloading one more set from these guys until they stop over using that "da tweekaz" sample.. its extremely annoying and very unprofessional
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