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Postby Asklepios » 20 Jun 2015, 18:53

@JoMaz : I like the Deephouse preview, sounds really cool, except those rides which are a bit too present imo. Also at 2:15, not sure about that sccreechy riser. Matter of taste.

I am not really into dnb, but I like your Calvin Harris remix, except the vocal, which sounds too acelerated imo. But I could listen to this and enjoy it so good job.

I edit my post to add something I'm working on:
There just might be a gremlin in your house
Feel free to ask ;-)
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Postby JoMaZ » 24 Jun 2015, 20:49

thanks for the feedback
@Asklepios sound quiet cool but I think the drop could use some more bass and power. But my ears could be wrong because they are tired :D

worked on something new
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Postby Higgarn » 14 Jul 2015, 05:12

Asklepios I agree with JoMaZ It needs a bit more bass and needs to be more clean with the EQ So it feels good in your ear :) Otherwise cool sounddesign!

JoMaZ When will you make a emotional track with these kind of bases they sounds freaking awsome ! :D
I allways destroy the bass when i do DnB Becouse i make to hard kick with the bass and it sounds awful.
Well made track you did but i would make the bass not to be in the front as much as it sounds though.

Here is a track i did before but still working on it i have mostly worked on the intro to spice it up with emotions waht do you think ?
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Postby JoMaZ » 14 Jul 2015, 16:02

sounds cool. nothing to critizes really. I think the arp is a bit too much though :)

the trick with these kinda basses is to lowpass them and add a clean sub bass under them, because if you distort the sound the lows will sound bad but you still want a clean sub :)
and you should cut the kick at 80hz but this depends on your kick too
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Postby The Void » 14 Jul 2015, 18:36

@Higgarn: Love that atmosphere! The vocal cuts are beautiful (L)
@JoMaZ: Think the bass is a little loud but great atmosphere. Would like to hear this as a completed track!
@Asklepios: Great sound design! Drop needs more power as others have said but overall amazing work! Could see Dyro supporting this track :P

Something new I'm working on!
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Postby Noiser » 25 Jul 2015, 22:26

@higgarn as jomaz said the arp is a bit too strong or too louder i dont know. But in overall this is very good!
@the voidwow amazing just listened your preview on your soundcloud. Will u release it under a label? Nice job waiting for the full track :)

just made this track for the contest :p
plz stop destroying house track with hardstyle kick edit
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Postby Higgarn » 18 Aug 2015, 21:45

Noiser Wow nice mastering man! Sounds so good im a bit jelly of you man great work! You got to teach me alittle about that compressing and EQ some tips atleast! :D

Here is my track im working on right now, a old school typ of track :) hope you like it so far :) The vocals fitted so i used them :P Still work that needs to be done but i wanted to show you guys this pretty little thing :)

And here is something random what do you think i laughed when i did this intro.

And here is my last post this day and its a remix contest so i hope i will do any good on it :)

Oh and i forgot to mention this track i finished and its trance and i think you will like it as much as i do :)
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Postby JensJacobsen » 10 Sep 2015, 17:01

Higgarn, some stable and clear projects you made, liked them alot! :)
you remix contest is one of my favorites! sounds awesome

Noiser, huge love to that track of yours! really cool

The Void, really impressive work!

I've been doing this trance kind idea :) hope you like it!
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Postby Arcus » 18 Sep 2015, 06:55

JensJacobsen:I've been doing this trance kind idea :) hope you like it!

Super cool track :) Immediately reminded me of The Future by DJ Joop which is a hard trance classic. My friend who is more knowledgeable on the genre says maybe the lead could be EQ'd a little so it doesn't mash with the kick as much but besides that its a super sick track!

This is a future / electro house track we made. Let us know what you think :)
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Postby JoMaZ » 25 Sep 2015, 17:03

@Arcus remix sounds quiet cool but I think the drop in the middle doesnt fit the track
@JensJacobsen sounds good, nothing to critizes really :)

some new dnb :)
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Postby daniro29 » 30 Sep 2015, 13:20

I am not that into dnb so I cant really say much genre specific but overall it sounds pretty good. Everything is pretty clean :) But that growl is always the same. It definately needs some variation because it gets boring very quickly... Besides that it sounds good so far!

I really like that! The part from 2:15 (the drop thingy. Don´t know how you call it :p ) is pretty damn catchy! Can´t get it out of my head, really (L) . The only thing that bothers me a bit is the sidechained high pitched white noise. When I heard the track a bit louder it really hurt my ears :( I´d just lower it a bit in the 13k hz area :) but good job!

Nothing to add or complain (L) (L) (L) _O_ _O_ _O_ This is just so damn amazing!!! Would really love to have the full track when it´s done! I would even buy it! Seriously! :dance:

Something trancy again :) don´t know what exactly it is tho :p just went with the flow

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Postby JoMaZ » 08 Oct 2015, 19:51

@Daresais not my type of music so I cant really judge it, but I think it sounds fine :)

working one some neuro
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Postby carnaGe » 10 Oct 2015, 22:36

I like the rolling bass in first drop, would've kept the second drop rolling bass driven aswell with some variations. In my opinion the claps/hihats and that melody are killing the vibe in second drop but i'm not the biggest fan of dark melodies in trance either.
I dont listen to dnb but after first 30 secs it is getting kinda repetitive, even with cutoffs and the chant going on, needs more elements or changing up the bass patern after 16/32 bars imo.

Something fun I finished off today.
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Postby JensJacobsen » 21 Oct 2015, 21:34

Arcus, thanks for your feedback! ;) and super cool track you made! love you structured way, you track has some sick sounds aswell! definitely a banger

JoMaZ, you always been a great producer! control and balance of what you are doing. sick project btw!

daniro29, hehe thanks buddy :P good to hear ;) and love you track aswell! give me memories of the great colored days :p really sick track btw. good fullon tempo it has. punchy kick, sounding get along well. nice effects

carnaGe, never thought a remake will be made of this tune :P nice! love you ideas as sounds in it! cool project

2 different projects I'm working on atm. :) hope you like them!

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Postby Starkast » 25 Oct 2015, 01:40

@Daniro29 Nice trance track! :) love the intro and midintro. but for me the "climax" is not my kindof trance. Would rather see some good ol' Saw sounds with some nice melody :D

@Jomaz Sounds nice, don't do any DnB myself (would love to tho) but sounds good and clean imo.

@Carnage hahaha nice remix! :) gets to repetitiv at the end tho.

@Jens Sounds awesome. Clean nice mixed. 1st is more my taste. 2nd not so much my taste.

This is something... atleast?

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