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Break'em bones (KRB)

Need feedback on your Hardstyle track? Post it here

Postby KRB-MP » 10 Sep 2017, 16:54

Hey dudes !
I present to you my newest track, a kind of raw hardstyle / oldschool hardstyle track !
Strongly influenced by artists such as Frontliner, Headhunterz (the old one ahah), I try to recover a kind of oldschool spirit in my tracks, including elements from modern hardstyle, I really like to create some dark, dreamy and loud atmospheres, the composition of my tracks is kinda basic, however, I try to embetter myself and I tryc some new technics, I don't feel as a beginner, but I'm not a profesionnal too, just someone who like music and who'd like to produce some ;)

So here's my new track, Break'em bones, I guess it's better than everything else I made since I started, here are more informations about this track :

-Made with FL Studio 12
-Leads are mainly made with Sylenth1, some wth Nexus 2
-Kick made with Synsonic BD909, CamelPhat3, Ohmicide, apQualizr2, Fruity Parametric EQ, a lot of equing !
-Multiple effects are taken from FL stock FX, that I distorted, equied by myself
-I also use plugins such as GrossBeat, Maximus, etc..

You can listen to it right now ! ;)

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