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Rebelion & Malice - Confronting Violence [Gearbox Digital]

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Postby Rocko » 06 Sep 2017, 19:50

Label: Gearbox Digital
Catalog Number: GBD206
Release Date: 11-09-2017
Format: Digital
Source: HSRL

01. Confronting Violence

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Postby propells » 12 Sep 2017, 12:36

Love the track and idea! Alltough the sound design/quality is pretty weak. Kicks and screeches doesnt come through very well, way too much mid, except that Malice kick in the main drop, that one smashes so much more than the rest.
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Postby niconietom » 12 Sep 2017, 13:22

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Postby Emre » 14 Sep 2017, 21:25

what's that noise, the generic counter overheating?
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Postby D-Jess » 14 Sep 2017, 22:34

The two last Rebelion tracks was quite nice, but this one is just a blender of noises.

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