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Radical Redemption - The Spell of Sin [Minus Is More]

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Postby Neutronic » 07 Dec 2013, 14:14

RR is definitely the most overrated artists at the moment. His collabs with other more established artists are nice idd but the rest is just sooooooo dull and sounds like slowed down hardcore. I just dont get the hype :)
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Postby Orbi » 07 Dec 2013, 16:34

P4RTYLOV3R:It seems you just don't like his style, Ceero ;)
The only thing I could agree is the fact that there ale too many similar tracks, for example Prostitute and Ultimate Diss. A one CD with the best and not forced tracks would last.

No, i do! Dont get me wrong! All i am trying to say is that with making so many alike tracks all the uniqueness of the sound is gone and it sounds kinda cheap as whole. I hope next time he will come with a simple ep or something :)

While I think the album is fantastic, I can't disagree with Ceero here. Why did we need to wait nearly two years between albums? Cull the filler and release four or more amazing EPs over the period between Annihilation and now.
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Postby DjPractice » 08 Dec 2013, 01:03

the album was meant to be out in April so for reasons beyond anyone's control, it came in November.

RR is clever in that not only has he created a sub-genre within himself, he has portrayed a particular image that people are wanting to relate to. so all glory to him, whether half the tracks are clones of each other or not....
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Postby Neko » 09 Dec 2013, 17:37

Okay guys this is gonna be a quite long post so I'll put my review in the spoiler :+

Show spoiler

1. Salvation - 9/10
2. Insanity (& Frequencerz) - 10/10
3. Everyone Has Died - 7/10
4. Rulers (& Chain Reaction) - 8/10
5. Accumulated Filth - 10/10
6. River of Souls (& Digital Punk) - 10/10
7. The Resurrected Soul - 7/10
8. On The Brink Of Extinction (& Crypsis) - 6/10
9. Civil Disobedience (Official R.O.J.D. Anthem 2013) - 9/10
10. God's Child - 10/10
11. Prostitute - 8/10
12. The Motherload (& Kold Konexion) - 8/10
13. Brutal 3.0 - 10/10
14. The Spell of Sin (ft. MC Tha Watcher) - 10/10


1. Under The Radar 3/10
2. Condemned - 7/10
3. In The House (& E-Force) - 10/10
4. Feel Terror Cloud Your Senses (Radical Redemption Remix) - 10/10
5. Blame Society (& High Voltage) - 8/10
6. I Spit On You - 6/10
7. Drug 'n Roll (& Crypsis) - 7/10
8. Don't F*ck With The Radical (ft. MC Jeff) - 9/10
9. One by One (& Tartaros) - 10/10
10. Devastation & Disorder (Official Daylight 2012 Anthem) - 6/10
11. Creation of Hell - 7/10
12. When You're Gone (& Angerfist) - 10/10
13. The Ultimate Diss - 3/10
14. Unparalelled Evil (& Drokz) - 8/10

Well for me he made the best album ever. He kinda exactly hit my nerve to the fullest when it comes to rawstyle. Such tracks are what I wanna hear when I think of rawstyle...
Little Minus for the ultimate diss which is just a bad track, and only 6/10 for "on the brink of extinction", because I don't like the melody. Yeah, and the Intro thing is quite useless. Also, I spit on you and devastation & disorder are not really my thing. But for the rest, hell fucking yeah. 22 tracks which I really like, 9 tracks with 10/10 which I absolutely love.
Normally there are 15-20 tracks on an hardstyle album, this one contains 22 very good tracks so to sum it up, I give this album 9,5/10. To get 10/10 for a whole album he has to experiment a bit more. But this doesn't bother me at all. This is huge. Guys, go get it if you don't already have it!!!!
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Postby DjPractice » 10 Dec 2013, 11:49

I love the melo in On the Brink of Extinction :O :O :O _O_ _O_
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