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Radical Redemption - Annihilate [Minus Is More]

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Postby greatART » 12 Apr 2012, 22:29

Digital Audio Tape:
Zak:These tracks must sounds very good at high BPM :)

Torture, Murder And Cannibalism is actually at 158 bpm

Yeah :lol: The track is really cool :D

F-Rank:I should dislike this. I really should, but I kind of like it. As braindead raw as this is, I still like it.
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Postby Ace D » 15 Aug 2013, 03:45

[Sorry for bumping such an old thread but making a new thread just for this seemed just as bad, so...]

By any chance anyone have the cd and willing to sell? I love my cd collection and this one deserves a place in there, but I can't find it anywhere. Willing to pay a good price!
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