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Your favourite year in the history of Hardstyle


Postby Double-T » 06 Dec 2010, 13:07

The question is simple : Which year, in your opinion, was (or is) the best in the Hardstyle history ?
I mean by that, release-wise, events-wise etc..

This is a serious topic and is absolutely not meant to be another freaking topic where you can fight between EHStylers and NuStylers, so please just give your answer and don't make fun of others :)

Mine is 2008 because it's the first year I really was into this style and I still appreciate amazing tunes released in 2008 such as Zatox - So High, D-Block & S-te-Fan - Kingdom, 2 Best Enemies - Phases, SMD - Just Like You, Project One - The Story Unfolds, The Beholder meets Zany - Bleeding For The Harder Styles, Dozer - The Church Of The Darkside etc...
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Postby icey » 06 Dec 2010, 13:32

Maybe 2006 when everything Saifam produced was gold!(Everyone says they wouldd love saifam to return to 06-style)


2007- ACTivator's year _O_
From Dancefloor to dancefloor
Knockout - c
Crap out/natural born dj
I am what I play/get drunk
Go to church

Acti @ q-base 2007(2hour set) :fist: _O_
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Postby TheDiscoFan » 06 Dec 2010, 13:36

2008, because I didn't really listen to HS before and most of my favorite tracks are from that year. 2005 also saw many good releases, but I wasn't involved with the music at that time so I rather pick 2008.
Also, the direction Hardstyle seemed to go in 2008 was great, too bad that changed in 2009.
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Postby Phuture Noize » 06 Dec 2010, 13:37

2007 i think! :)
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Postby Hansi » 06 Dec 2010, 13:39

either 2006, 2007 or 2010. :)
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Postby Terrapin » 06 Dec 2010, 13:41

Even though it's really hard to pick one, I would have to go with 2006.
This year had some great releases like:

Zatox - Scanner E.P
Tatanka Project - Floor Massacre/Tripods Attack
Technoboy - Into Deep (Into Dub preferably :P)
Zatox - Bad Time

Among many others of course...

It was also the year with the most wicked Qlimax Anthem after Deepack - The Prophecy
Alpha² - The Darkside (Qlimax Anthem 2006)
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Postby icey » 06 Dec 2010, 13:41

Acti @ q-base 07...

01. Activator - From Dancefloor To Dancefloor
02. Ultrasonic - Bass Mtfk
03. Acti - Fire
04. Activator - Crap Out
05. Acti & Vorti - Raw
06. Bobby V & Activator - E-fect The Anthem (Activator's Hard Edit)
07. DJ Act vs Mani - Equensu Ocha
08. Activator feat MC Syco - Go To Church
09. Tatact - Suck My Style
10. Acti vs Mani - Vet Hard
11. Acti vs Mani - We Are The Bass 2006
12. Activator - Calling In The Night
13. Activator - I'm A Natural Born DJ
14. DJ Act - QT13 (Acti & Max Force Remix)
15. Acti - Pass The Grass
16. AJ Busta - I Grown It (The Machine Remix)
17. Kat meets Gerardo Roschini - Alright (Kat & Zatox Remix)
18. Activator & Zatox - I Am What I Play
19. Knockout - C
20. DJ Act vs DJ Mani - Il Mondo E` Mio
21. Activator & Zatox - Get Drunk
22. Zatox & Activator - Don't Let It Go (Baco Mix)
23. Activator feat MC Syco & MC Da Syndrome - We Call Him
24. Activator vs K-project - Domination (Q-Base Edit)

This set has so much win! omg! :fist: _O_
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Postby DJen » 06 Dec 2010, 13:45

2007! the starting of nu style era :D

1. Activator & Zatox - I Am What I Play
2. Knockout - C
3. Every DBSTF track
4. Frontliner - Tuuuuuuduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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Postby Johnny250 » 06 Dec 2010, 13:46

2006 & 2007! 2008 was ok, too but since 2009 the Music is getting more boring and commercial :(
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Postby Qwertz » 06 Dec 2010, 16:24

for me 2006, so many great tracks from that year:
all saifam tracks :fist:
qlimax / defqon / inqontrol / decibel / black anthems
zany / donkey rollers tracks
zatox and tatanka tracks
and many more !
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Postby DjVero » 06 Dec 2010, 16:28

2003, coz that's the year that brought me into hardstyle, plus the releases were really cool even though I prefer nu-style tracks :)
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Postby martincek » 06 Dec 2010, 16:28

2005 hands down. 2004 is a close followup since that's when I got into hardstyle
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Postby theblacksystem » 06 Dec 2010, 16:31

2010 :)
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Postby rigz » 06 Dec 2010, 16:32


I explain myself :
since 2008, more and more track are "nustyle", "cheesy", and "common". The mainstream become more commercial. But since a few month, some maintream producers begin to experiment ( i think about wildstylez, nc, frontliner ... ) and more and more of the new talent just signed @label make some harder stuff ( i think about jack of sound & co ). And there also more producers then before, more label, more party. Poeple who like mainstream can still enjoy their comon stuff, and people who like it harder/darker/more experimental have more posibilities to enjoy their style ( podcast, party like loudness, some stage@ big event, and i have a lot of expectation for digital age ).

2011 will be better then 2010 for sure, with a lot of different direction, different substyle

My english is not so good and my explication are maybe weird but i'm sure you understand what i mean =)

edit : but if i had to say a real years in history i'll say 2007, it's the years of my first events, and i think the years of changement and evolving. So much good track.
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Postby Backstab » 06 Dec 2010, 16:37

Either 2006 or 2007. Acti @ Q-Base 2007 set was massive idd, but there were alot more. :)
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