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Your favourite "little known" hardstyle song


Postby thesh3ll » 20 Dec 2013, 18:11

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Postby Reverse Ghost » 21 Dec 2013, 04:42

That climax buildup is intense :fist:
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Postby BeatConductor » 21 Dec 2013, 10:49

I can't even find a video of this track or anything anymore.
Sorry this doesnt have the climax but that's not why this track is fucking awesome.
Brian Gomez Vega - Beyond The Sun

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Also if anyone cares to tell me what they think of the mix in general that would be awesome.
>inb4 virtual DJ
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Postby t0n1 » 21 Dec 2013, 11:10

Heatzone tracks (Reflection, Expetendis, Prototype etc.)
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Postby thesh3ll » 22 Dec 2013, 13:20

other "little known" favorites

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thesh3ll (27)
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Postby striker159 » 23 Dec 2013, 12:30

more hardtrance than hardstyle but still a great "ancient" track
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Postby macdz » 23 Dec 2013, 13:16

Goldkind - Sailor

Oh and Caesar - Endurance if anyone remembers :)
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Postby Vicious » 24 Dec 2013, 08:50

So unknown that it can't be found on Youtube lol, Some nice banging gated kicks in this one! ... ase/911499
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Postby Grape » 24 Dec 2013, 10:39

Papermill - The Drive

http://de.djtunes [SCAMMERS!].com/papermill/the-drive

also too unknown for youtube :+ banging reverse bass this time !
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Postby Mortryx » 28 Dec 2013, 23:13

Mortryx (25)
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Postby Shadow Interaction » 30 Dec 2013, 17:15

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Postby DJZane » 01 Jan 2014, 00:21

pure hardness!!!! noizesupressor!!!
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Postby TheDiscoFan » 02 Jan 2014, 15:33

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Postby SCH » 03 Jan 2014, 14:04

Trilok - Effected/The Beats
Tommy Pulse - Anger
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