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Looking for HC tracks with female vocals!


Postby SarahKerrigan » 17 Jan 2017, 19:49

MLR_Tachyon:Many say it ruins the genre

LOL what?

Anyway, my favorite is probably: _O_
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Postby MLR_Tachyon » 18 Jan 2017, 04:04

MLR_Tachyon:Many say it ruins the genre

LOL what?

Anyway, my favorite is probably: _O_

i like this!
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Postby Rocko » 25 Jan 2017, 02:54

Some mixed vocals in there, but still. One of the better tracks to practice your hakken. Easy track for that I'll tell ya :dance:

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Postby gabberis » 25 Jan 2017, 10:16

Day-mar - Embrace The Night

Unnatural Selection & Cik - Day Of Judgement (Ophidian's Mainstage Mix)

DJ Paul Elstak - The Promised Land (The Viper Remix)

DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky (Re-Style & Bass-D 2013 Rmx)

The Stunned Guys - Hymn (Neophyte Remix)

The Stunned Guys - Raise Cain

Dj Paul Elstak - Life Is Like A dance (Hitman Remix)

DJ Buzz Fuzz Vs. Bass-D & King Matthew ‎– It's Alright

Neophyte - Braincracking

Neophyte - Number One Fan

Bass-D & King Matthew Feat XD - Like A Dream

Dj Paul Elstak - Life Is Like A Dance (Forze Dj Team Rmx)

Dj Paul Elstak - The Promised Land (Forze mix)

DJ Paul Elstak - Don't Leave Me Alone (Hardcore Version)

DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More (DJ Paul's Forze Mix)

DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More (Stunned Guys Rmx)

Eraserhead - Life Is A Mystery (Forze DJ Team Remix)
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Postby Meltdown » 01 Apr 2017, 17:26

I love female vocals you should listen somes of my tracks maybe you will like it, i always use female choirs or accapella :) i think contact vocalist for maybe anothers track i like that a lot !

here is some track

Anthem i made with female choirs

female choirs again actualy the best i use and find

kind of accapella pick up from silent hill game >
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