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Hardcore with metal/rock?


Postby NEKA » 25 Feb 2018, 16:41

Anyone got hardcore, crossbreed or industrial tracks with some rock/metal or electric guitars in it?
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Postby Bomberz » 25 Feb 2018, 16:45

Something like this? It is pretty much uptempo with metal parts.
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Postby NEKA » 25 Feb 2018, 17:02

That works too. :) It doesn't need to be full hardcore or full metal, maybe some influences here and there.
Here are some examples I know:

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NEKA (24)
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Postby The Convicted » 25 Feb 2018, 17:35

Miss K8 - No More Jokes
N-Vitral & Igneon System - Jump The Fuck Up
Lenny Dee - Fuckin' Hostile (TOA Remix)
Disciples Of Annihilation - Brooklyn Mob / Wanna Be A Gangster
Atari Teenage Riot's full discography - or basically Digital Hardcore as a genre is the thing you should look for :P
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Postby MoaningMushroom » 25 Feb 2018, 23:34

Love this combination of genres, adds to the energy and spices things up :whoop:

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Postby Katsching » 26 Feb 2018, 01:29

Check out the Maigre EP by Ruby My Dear and Igorrr
Or Charade by Ruby My Dear

Counterstrike - Ready For The Pain
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Postby Faber93 » 26 Feb 2018, 02:39

DOA - Wanna Be A Gangsta (Akira remix)
Skull Vomit - Antigoon but also a lot of his stuff
Most of Ambassador 21 stuff
The Teknoist - Hippie Killer
Detest - Ultra Deth
Sei2ure - Fucker
Satan - Pray for Evil
Tieum - My Word And My Balls
Sarin Assault & Nawoto Suzuki - Yakuza
Maybe also Satronica - Life, Blood, Pain & Death (Tymon Remix)
ISR061 from Moshpit
Tooms & Lenny Dee - Burn The Sunlight + remixes
Tooms - Disgraceland (Lowroller Remix)
Hellfish - Deathchant is Here/ All My Friends Are Dead

Maybe tomorrow I will remember some other stuff
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Postby ZanitianDJ » 27 Feb 2018, 07:07

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Postby Amperial » 27 Feb 2018, 23:32

Deadly Guns. _O_
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Postby Scitex » 28 Feb 2018, 10:20

the new black flowers
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Postby Prof. Hock » 28 Feb 2018, 14:06

Here it is :)

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Postby Future Shokk » 04 Mar 2018, 12:53

Deadly Guns anyone? :+

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Postby Grape » 12 Jul 2018, 14:16

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